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Divert calls on BT Quantum

You can divert calls either intended for your extension, or for the group that normally answers incoming calls. These calls can be redirected to voicemail, another extension or an external number.

  • To divert extension calls, follow the steps on page 36 (Diverting calls: Extension Divert section) of the user guide.
  • To divert the group that answers incoming calls, follow the steps on page 39 & 40 (Diverting Calls: Group Divert section) of the user guide.

BT Quantum User Guide (PDF 1648 KB)


Divert calls on Busy using BT Quantum

You can program calls to ring on another phone when yours is busy by diverting calls.

Diverting an Extension when busy

Using a BT 8568 systemphone or a 5320/5330 IP phone:

  1. From the idle menu scroll until Divert is displayed.
  2. Select Divert.
  3. Select Divert on busy.
  4. Enter an internal number or select the extension/group from the list if you want to divert all your calls to another extension/group when your extension is busy

Using a BT 8528 systemphone, Q DECT telephone, Q phone or a compatible standard telephone, to activate Divert on Busy:

  1. To an extension/group, dial 733 followed by the extension or group number (180 - 190) followed by #.

Diverting a Group when busy

Using a BT 8568 systemphone or a 5320/5330 IP phone:

  1. From the Idle menu scroll until Group Divert is displayed.
  2. Select Group divert.
  3. Select the group for which you wish to divert calls. The extension may be in more than one group. A solid box indicates a group that has a divert set.
  4. Select Divert on busy.
  5. Enter an extension number, or select the required extension/group from the list.

Using a BT 8528 systemphone, Q DECT telephone, Q phone or a compatible standard telephone, to activate Group Divert on busy:

  1. To an extension/group, dial 793 followed by the group number (180 - 190) followed by the extension/group number followed by #.


Diverting to an external number

As standard (default setting), external diversion is restricted for all extensions. This can be changed in system programming.

As system administrator, follow the steps on page 56 & 57 (Extension Diverts section) of the BT Quantum administrator's guide.

Be careful, it's possible that external divert could be misused.

BT Quantum Administrator's Guide (PDF 3156 KB)

When you’ve programmed the system, the extension user can set up the divert by using the steps above.

Diverting calls to an external number without tying up two of your BT Quantum lines

If you have ISDN lines you can take advantage of BT's Digital Select Service Call Deflection to 'deflect' calls to an external number. Call Deflection is a network service and must be enabled by your network provider.

Once it has been enabled the BT Quantum system can be programmed to utilise this service. The facility allows the system call divert features to be used to deflect calls to external numbers.

BT Order Details:

  • For ISDN2e lines the order code for BT's Digital Select Services Call Deflection for Standard Access lines (P-MP) is A52603.
  • For System Access lines (P-P) Call Forwarding must be used, the order code for this is A52962. For ISDN30e lines the code is A51045.

With PSTN lines, calls can only be diverted externally from the system by using our Select Services Call Divert, this is a network service.

We can also arrange to have your lines diverted if, for some reason, your system was going to be out of service for some time. For further information on this service, get in touch by clicking the contact us link on this page. If you’ve got a fault on your system you can divert your calls yourself online.

For full details & instructions, see ISDN Call Deflect in:

BT Quantum Administrator's Guide (PDF 3156 KB)

You’ll need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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