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Changing your bill notification email address | BT Business

Changing your bill notification email address

Check and change the email address we use to tell you your bill’s ready in an instant.

  1. Go to Profile in My Account (If you’ve forgotten your My Account login, recover it here).
  2. Under Contact information, the first email address shown is the one we use to tell you your bill’s ready.
  3. To change this email address, select Update contact information and follow the steps.

I’m not getting emails telling me my bill’s ready

If we’ve got the right email address for you but you’re not getting our emails, spam filters might be catching them. To avoid this, please add to your email contacts.

Emailing someone else to say my bill’s ready

We can automatically email others to say your bill’s ready. But each person will need their own My Account profile. It’ll need to include the billing accounts covering the bills you want us to tell them about.

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