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Paper bill fees and how to avoid them | BT Business

Paper bill fees and how to avoid them

Usually, when we print and post you a paper bill, we charge you a fee. You’ll see your paper bill fees in the Other charges and credits section of your bill.

How much are paper bill fees?

Your paper bill fees depend on the type of bill you get:

  • For a paper summary bill, showing your total spend for the billing period plus a VAT breakdown, it’s £4 per bill, ex VAT.
  • For a paper itemised bill, showing calls and full details for the billing period, it’s £8 per bill, ex VAT.

For full fee details and exclusions, see section 15 of the BT price list.

How can I avoid paper bill fees?

Just switch to paper-free billing. You’ll save £4 for each summary bill, and £8 for each itemised bill. So, if we bill you monthly, you’ll save £48 or £96 a year, for each billing account.

You’ll also dodge the hassle of securely storing, removing, and destroying paper bills.

Plus, you can view, print off and download your bills online anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you add all your billing accounts in My Account.

Forgot your My Account login? Recover it here.

How do I switch to paper-free billing?

To switch to paper-free billing:

  1. In My Account, go to Go paper-free in the left hand navigation.
  2. You’ll now see all the billing accounts you receive paper bills for.
  3. Choose the billing accounts you want to switch to paper-free and select Next.
  4. Review which billing accounts you’re switching to paper-free.
  5. Once you’re happy, click Confirm and you’re done.

Forgot your My Account login? Recover it here.

If you can’t see a billing account, it’s because either:

  • You’ve yet to add the billing account to your profile in My Account.
  • The billing account is already set up for paper-free billing.

You can easily check which of your billing accounts are already paper-free:

  1. Go to billing Overview in My Account.
  2. Select the billing account you want to check.
  3. Under Bill type, view if the billing account is Paper or Paper-free.

Having trouble switching to paper-free billing in My Account? Contact us and we’ll help.

If I stick with paper bills, can I reduce my paper bill fees?

Yes. If you get paper bills for more than one billing account, we can combine these for you into a single BT OneBill. You’ll then get just one paper bill for all combined accounts for each billing period.

To set up a BT OneBill:

  1. Call us on 0800 800 156.
  2. When prompted, say “Billing”.
  3. One of our team will help set things up for you.
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