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What is tagging and how do I use it? | BT Business

What is tagging and how do I use it?

Sort your BT Business costs in ways tailored to your set up with tagging. It’s ideal if you are:

  • Cost centering – placing our charges against different areas of your business.
  • Creating bespoke cost reports which factor in how your business is set up.

To get started, go to Tag costs in My Account.

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What are tags?

With tags you define which BT services to put them on and where to place them:

  • A tag could be where the service is sited, or the team using it, or anything else you think is important.
  • You can add up to 10 tags to each of your BT services. At the same time, you tag the costs that go with these services.
  • When you analyse your usage and billed charges in our systems, you can use your tags to search and filter (like to make cost breakdowns for each of your sites or teams).

What can I do to tag costs?

For all billing accounts, you can:

  • view services and any existing tags
  • download spreadsheets of services and existing tags
  • use existing tags to sort costs.

To tag services in our system for any billing account you’ll need to have the right billing role or be able to consent to our tagging terms of use.

To view, manage and upgrade your billing account roles, go to Roles in My Account.

How do I tag services in your system?

For full details on how to tag:

  1. Go to Tag costs in My Account.
  2. Click on View guide now.

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