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How do I use wi-fi on the London Underground? | BT Business

How do I use wi-fi on the London Underground?

Here's how eligible BT Mobile customers can work online in more than 250 Tube stations using wi-fi on the London Underground provided by Virgin Media.

You can use wi-fi in ticket halls, walkways and on platforms, but not in tunnels or between stations.

Set up your iPhone to use wi-fi on London Underground

Your iPhone will need iOS 13.3 or above.

  1. Go to any Tube station that offers wi-fi.
  2. Switch on wi-fi on your iPhone.
  3. Your iPhone should connect to EE WiFi-Auto automatically.

Set up your Android device to use wi-fi on London Underground

  1. Go to any Tube station that offers wi-fi.
  2. Switch on wi-fi and select EE WiFi-Auto.
  3. Select the access method as EAP.
  4. Select the EAP method as SIM.
  5. Your Android device should now be connected to wi-fi on London Underground.
  6. If you're not able to select SIM as the EAP on your Android device, sorry you won't be able to connect to wi-fi on the London Underground.

What stations offer wi-fi on the London Underground?

Over 250 Tube stations offer wi-fi. We've saved them all in a PDF for you to download or view.

London Underground stations with wi-fi (PDF, 349K)

Who can get it?

All BT mobile customers can get wi-fi on the London Underground, unless your account's in arrears or been classified as a bad debt.

How does it work?

Virgin Media have installed wi-fi hotspots in selected tube stations so that you'll have wireless internet access from the moment you enter the station at street level until your tube train leaves the platform.

There's no coverage between stations and in tunnels but as soon as the train enters the next wi-fi-enabled station your device will automatically re-connect to the internet.

Access is included as part of your mobile contract with BT, so there are no extra charges for access to wi-fi on the Underground provided you're an active BT mobile customer.


Is any wi-fi content blocked on the London Underground?

Yes. As wi-fi on the London Underground is a public wi-fi network, Virgin Media has a responsibility to make sure the content available is suitable for young people, whether they access it themselves, or whether they accidentally see it over someone's shoulder.

How do I switch the wi-fi service between devices?

Only devices that are capable of EAP-SIM authentication can access the London Underground wi-fi. EAP SIM is an authentication method for wi-fi connection using the SIM in your device. This authentication method will only work with one compatible device at a time.

Why do I need to enable cookies?

Cookies allow us to recognise your device automatically when you enter a station. Cookies are regularly used by websites and wi-fi connections to identify users.

How do I enable cookies?

To enable cookies, just follow these steps for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. For all other devices, please check your user manual which you'll be able to find on the manufacturers' websites:

iPhone / iPad

  • open Settings > Safari
  • go to Privacy > Accept Cookies and select From Visited
  • or go to Privacy and tap Clear Cookies and Data



  • open your browser and go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
  • tick the Accept Cookies check box
  • or click on Clear all Cookie Data


What if I can't find a wi-fi hotspot?

It's likely the station doesn't have wi-fi yet or you are out of range. Try walking a few steps and try again. Find out if a Tube station has wi-fi (PDF, 349K).

What if I can connect but the service is slow?

It may be because the station is crowded, and a lot of people are using it. Virgin Media will be monitoring speeds and increasing capacity if needed.

Your experience of the service may also vary depending on your device.

How can I disconnect my device from the wi-fi service?

Just turn off wi-fi under Settings on your device.

I can normally sign in at one location but today it's not working. Why not?

This could be due to a fault on the service or something interfering with the wi-fi signal. If it's a fault on the network, it'll be fixed as quickly as possible.

If you see other people connecting but you can't, try setting up your device again as you did when you first activated it.

After I've connected, I get a message like: 'Page not found'. What does this mean?

This may be because:

  • you've left the station and are out of range.
  • you've misspelt the web address.
  • you may be trying to access blocked content.
  • there's a network fault in that location - try moving to another spot.


Where can I find the terms and conditions?

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