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I’ve got no Mobile Signal, what do I do? | BT Business

I’ve got no Mobile Signal, what do I do?

Not sure about your mobile signal coverage? Use our BT Mobile Coverage Checker to check the signal strength in your area.

The results you get are an estimate, but they give a good idea of the coverage you can expect — they’re not a guarantee of the availability of mobile services in any particular place.

What affects my signal coverage?

Sometimes your mobile signal can be less than perfect whatever your network. But signal issues aren't always caused by how far you are from the nearest mobile phone mast. They can be because of your building’s location or even the building itself and can happen wherever you are, even in cities with lots of mobile phone masts. Other factors can be:

  • Location - Your signal might be weaker if you're a long way from a mobile phone mast.
  • Environment - Buildings, hills and living in a basement or tower block can all block signals.
  • Device - Low battery or out-of-date software can also affect your phone.

Having problems receiving or making calls?

First, check you’ve got a strong enough signal – you can see this in your display. If it’s not strong enough, try moving to an open space or, if indoors, move near a window.

If you can't receive calls, it’s worth checking your phone’s volume isn’t too low or switched off. Also, check that your calls aren’t being diverted to a different phone or to voicemail.

If you've not used your phone before, it might not have been activated. Please contact us if you’ve not done this.

No signal? Try Wi-Fi calling to make calls or send texts

If you don’t have mobile reception but you’ve got Wi-Fi access and a compatible device, use Wi-Fi calling to make calls and send texts -  set up Wi-Fi calling.

Still not working? Try these steps

If you still can’t make or receive calls or your device shows No Network, try these steps:


  1. Access the Home Screen and tap Settings.
  2. Select Mobile Data and then Network Selection.
  3. Turn the slider against Automatic off
  4. Select the required Network and then tap Back.
  5. Switch the Automatic setting back on once you are connected.


  1. Access the Home Screen and tap Settings.
  2. Select Connections and then Mobile networks.
  3. Tap Network operators then set the Select manually slider to disable.
  4. Select the required Network.
  5. Switch the Automatic setting back on once you are connected.
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