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BT Business Price Changes 2024

Why we’re increasing prices and what it means for you

No one likes price rises. Sometimes though they’re a necessary part of business, if we’re to keep up with the rising costs we face to continue delivering a brilliant network experience. Customers data usage grows month on month and we’re continually reviewing our offerings, to ensure that our products remain competitive. And so we can continue to invest in the future of the company.

As the UK continues to embrace digital technologies, the demand for the connectivity & services that we provide is always rising.

To maintain the quality of our network for our customers we’re continually investing in it. This is an expensive activity.

As with all businesses, inflation drives up the cost to run and maintain our network every year. That’s why we believe using the Consumer Price Index (the official inflation measure in the UK economy) as a baseline to calculate our annual price rise is fair. It lets us continue to offer both excellent service and a range of products to our customers, while allowing us to invest in the services we’re able to offer our customers.

We’ve thought long and hard about how we can make sure that any pricing changes are predictable and clear.

While we recognise that no one likes to see their prices go up, we want to continue improving our network, products and services for our customers.

Why choose BT?

We invest more than any other network provider in the UK, ensuring your business has everything you need to embrace the digital age with confidence.

With 24/7 support we're always on. We’re here for you whenever you need us, with round-the-clock support from a team of dedicated experts and round-the-clock online fault reporting and status.

We’ve got the coverage for your business. We’re the only network provider able to offer connectivity on our own network from the Isles of Scilly to the Shetland Islands and everywhere between.

We have the largest wi-fi network in the UK. Our 5 million + wi-fi hotspots improve both indoor and outdoor coverage.

Nearly one million customers trust us with their business lines.

We’re building a next generation 5G core network. The arrival of 5G means it won’t be long before we’re all switching between fixed, wi-fi and cellular technology.

To read about what we can offer your business see Why choose us.

We’re always looking for ways to give you more value

Access your online account at any time
Pay your bills, check how much data you’ve used, find the help you need, track orders, and so much more via the BT Business app.

Get online when you’re out and about
Hop onto one of our wi-fi hotspots. With more than five million of them around the UK keeping you connected.

Rely on our broadband
Even at the busiest times of the day, our robust broadband still gives you fast, reliable, and consistent connection speeds.

What's changing?

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will close in December 2025.

There are huge changes currently taking place with the old copper voice network being switched off in 2025, all customers using traditional phone lines will need to move to a digital service before the switch off date.

Find out more about the PSTN Switch Off and what it means for you.

Find out more about the PSTN Switch Off and what’s happening between now and 2025.

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