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How can I find my static IP address and get information on IP addresses? | BT Business

How can I find my static IP address and get information on IP addresses?

This is the unique number given to your computer by your internet service provider (ISP). It identifies your computer whenever it accesses the internet. There are two different types of IP address, static and dynamic:

  • Dynamic IP addresses change so your computer is allocated different ones at different times.
  • Static IP addresses stay the same and can't be moved between internet service providers.

Both come with an IPv4 address and IPv6 prefix.

If you asked for a static IP address when you ordered your BT Business Broadband, you'll find it in your welcome letter or email.

If you haven't got your welcome letter or email, simply go to and you'll see your IP address on the main screen. Find your local IP address on Windows or Apple devices

If you didn't request a static IP address when you ordered your broadband, you can still get one by clicking on the Contact us link at the bottom of this page.

Do I need a static IP address or a dynamic IP address?

A dynamic IP address is suitable if you’ve got:

  • Several computers on an internal network with internet access on all of them. Dynamic IP addresses allow several devices to share limited address space.
  • A single computer that connects to your head office on a one-way Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A static IP address is suitable if you:

  • Run your own website.
  • Run your own email server.
  • Run an FTP server,
  • Use off-site server duplication.
  • Access a VPN from multiple PCs via a single broadband service.
  • Use certain security applications, like centralised cameras and polling software.

Static IP addresses have many advantages:

  • Less downtime — there’s a risk of downtime when new dynamic IP addresses are allocated.
  • Remote access — you can access your own PC from anywhere in the world.

Want to get a static IP address or change or your IP address?

Can I transfer my current static IP address from my current ISP to BT?

It’s not possible to do this but you can order a static IP when you order BT Business Broadband.

Using No Network Address Translation (No NAT or Multiple Static IP addresses)

No Network Address Translation (No NAT) lets you have more than one computer visible on the internet. A No NAT IP range comes with five static IP addresses that can be assigned to separate computers.

The No NAT range of IPs are delivered based on your username and password and via a separate dynamic IP address.

The dynamic IP address assigned with No NAT acts as a carrier address for your internet connection. Once connected, you can assign the static addresses to your network devices and provide them with fixed public IP addresses.

No NAT is good if your computer needs to be visible to other internet users, like if you plan to:

  • Host a website on your own computer.
  • Host an email server or file server on your own computer.
  • Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your company’s offices.
  • Use certain conferencing applications.
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