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Can I use my own broadband modem or router? | BT Business

Can I use my own broadband modem or router?

Yes, as long as it's compatible with our broadband service.

As we don't support third-party routers on our main technical helpdesk, you'll need to set up the third-party router yourself. Alternatively, you can get quality IT support by signing up for Enhanced IT Support

BT Business fibre broadband settings

  • Encapsulation: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE); Virtual Circuit Multiplexing (VC-MUX)

All other ADSL connections

  • VPI number: 0
  • VCI number: 38
  • Authentication: CHAP
  • Modulation: G.DMT
  • Encapsulation: PPP over ATM (PPPoA); Virtual Circuit Multiplexing (VC-MUX)

Should I use the BT Business Hub instead of my existing router?

We've designed your BT Business Hub to get the maximum performance from your BT Business fibre broadband. You're free to replace it with a different router, but you'll need to check that it supports our fibre broadband.

Things you must consider:

  • You'll need a router or firewall which is capable of establishing a PPPoE session, using the username and password we've given you
  • If an engineer installed an Openreach modem as part of your fibre installation, your router will need an Ethernet WAN port to connect to LAN1 on the Openreach Modem
  • If we've recently installed your fibre, the Business Hub 5 does away with the need for a separate Openreach modem so your router will need an approved, integrated VDSL modem (check with your supplier)

Remember: our engineers won't be able to recommend, connect, or support any non-BT equipment or devices. Please keep the BT Business Hub, just in case you have any problems. We'll need you to reconnect it if we need to fix any faults with your broadband.

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