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Troubleshooting order tracking problems | BT Business

Troubleshooting order tracking problems

If you’re having issues with your order number or postcode while using Track your order these top tips solve most common problems.

Finding your order number

You’ll find your order number on any of the emails or letters we've sent you about your order. Look near the top of these communications and you’ll see it referenced. It’s a combination of letters and numbers listed as reference or order number.

Order number not recognised

To make sure the right number is entered it’s best to copy and paste your order number from your order confirmation email.

If something’s not right when you enter your order number, look at these example reference numbers and how they’re put together.

Starts with BT followed by 6-28 numbers.

Starts with GBT followed by 5-27 numbers.

Starts with PX followed by 8-30 characters.

Order not found message

You might receive an order not found message if:

  • The order reference entered is invalid — check you’ve entered the right number.
  • Your order isn't ready for online tracking — please try again a little later.

Still not working? Use Chat (during office hours) on the Track your order page or this page to get in touch.

Postcode not recognised

Postcode problems? Make sure you’re entering the same postcode as the one that’s used for your billing address.

If you use a different postcode, like the one for your installation or delivery address it won’t work.

And double check you’ve entered it in the correct format, like this: EC1A 7AJ.

If you're not sure which postcodes we've got listed for you, just check any of the emails we’ve sent you about your order. It'll be on there.

If you’re ordering while you're moving premises, you can enter your old postcode or your new one.

If it’s still not working, please use Chat (during office hours) on the Track your order page or this page to get in touch.

You’ll need your order number from your confirmation email so make sure you have it to hand.

Wrong postcode used for an order

Accidentally used the wrong post code when the order was placed? Don’t panic, we can easily fix this. Get in touch using Chat (during office hours) on the Track your order page or this page.

Questions about your BT Business order

If you have any questions about your BT Business order, just contact your account manager. If you don’t have one, use Chat (during office hours) on the Track your order page or this page to get in touch.

Tracking your BT Business order

It’s easy to track your order online. Just head over to Tracking your BT Business order.

Changing or cancelling your order

If you’re looking to make changes to your order, visit changing or cancelling your BT Business order.

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