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Can I use a BT Home Hub on my BT Business Broadband line? | BT Business

Can I use a BT Home Hub on my BT Business Broadband line?

Yes, but you need to enter the broadband network login details for your BT Business Broadband line into your Hub for it to connect.

For support purposes we have to treat your BT Home Hub the same as a 3rd party router. This is because it's not designed to work with BT Business Broadband.

How to enter your broadband network login details into the Hub:

  1. Connect your computer to the BT Home Hub either via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

  2. Go to the Hub Manager by selecting the desktop icon or by entering the following IP address into your browser

    If you have not already completed the Hub Manager installation, you'll be asked to select a password for your Hub Manager. Follow the instructions on-screen.

  3. Select Settings at the top of the page.

  4. At the bottom of the page choose Enter your broadband username and password (for non-BT Business Broadband customers).

  5. Enter your broadband network login username, your username will be in the format

    If you are unsure of your username or password, please refer to the email sent to you when you ordered your BT Business Broadband.

  6. Enter your broadband network login password. After a short while the Broadband light will turn blue.

Some BT Residential only services such as Broadband Talk service will not work on a BT Business Broadband line.

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