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Fixing problems with Complete Wi-Fi | Business help

Fixing problems with Complete Wi-Fi

Hopefully you’re up and running and experiencing Complete Wi-Fi coverage. If not, here are some of the most common questions and solutions.

What do the lights on my Wi-Fi Discs mean?

When you first plug in your Wi-Fi Disc you’ll need to wait for it to start up. This usually takes about 2 minutes.

If you see these colours when you’re not starting up your Wi-Fi Disc, follow the instructions to resolve the problem.

Blue Your disc is all connected Red There's a problem somewhere
 Blue light on Wi-Fi Disc Good wi-fi or Ethernet connection. All is working well.  Red light on Wi-Fi Disc Turn your hub and disc off and on again. If the light still doesn't turn blue, use a paper clip to press your disc's factory reset button.
Solid purple Your disc is starting up Red flashing Your disc is not connected to your Smart Hub 2
 Solid purple light on Wi-Fi Disc It will take approximately 60 seconds to fully turn on.  Red flashing light on Wi-Fi Disc Follow the instructions to connect using WPS or Ethernet.
Orange Your disc is working OK Blue flashing Your disc is connecting
 Orange light on Wi-Fi Disc Ideally try moving the disc closer to the hub or one of the other discs.  Blue flashing light on Wi-Fi Disc WPS has been activated and is connecting to your hub or device. This could take a couple of minutes.

The lights are too bright, can I dim them?

You can change the brightness of the lights via the BT Business app. Just choose the Wi-Fi Disc you want to manage from Your networks and then Disc light setting to switch between High, Low or Off. Don't worry, if you set them to 'Off', we'll still alert you if there's a fault on any device.

I'm having problems with my Complete Wi-Fi coverage

The first thing to try is to relocate your Wi-Fi Disc. The BT Business app will help you test alternative locations and signal strength.

If you’re still not getting Complete Wi-Fi coverage, report a fault online or call us. We’ll run tests to find out what’s wrong. If another Wi-Fi Disc will solve the problem, we can send you up to five extra Wi-Fi Discs free of charge.

Do I need a BT Business Smart Hub 2 to use Wi-Fi Discs?

Yes, because Wi-Fi Discs only work with a BT Business Smart Hub 2. Any other type of BT Business hub can’t be paired with a Wi-Fi Disc.

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