Why collaboration in technology counts

Find out how businesses like yours are adapting to working remotely and how they're using the latest tools to keep connected.

Catch up with our 'Accelerating change' event

We talked to experts to explore how technology has been rising to the challenges brought to the workplace by the coronavirus. Find out how people are connecting and collaborating, wherever they are working. 

Part 1: Powering a remote workforce

Fotis Karonis, MD-CTIO BT Enterprise & 5G Executive Advisor, and Pete Hampton, Collaboration Specialist, Cisco, discuss how to make collaboration more efficient.

Part 2: Accelerating change

Rachel Higham, BT's Managing Director of IT, and Iggy O'Doherty, Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Transformation Services, NICS, discuss the impact coronavirus has had on both their organisations.

Part 3: Does better collaboration improve performance?

Nicola Millard, BT's Principal Innovation Partner, explores how people have been embracing collaboration tools and what impact it has on business performance.

Part 4: The technology perspective

Snehal Bhudia, BT Director of Propositions, discusses the latest technology that's designed to help you collaborate.

Collaboration tools that support change

At BT, we embrace change. Whether it’s advancements in new technology such as 5G or discovering new ways we can all work together. We can support you to find the right tools which work for you.

More thoughts from guest speaker Dr Nicola Millard

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