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Business 5G on BT

We’re bringing faster 5G to the busiest cities around the UK. Discover what 5G for business can do for you. 

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What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology. For business, 5G gives you the power to work faster – in even the busiest places.

Download large files in seconds, not minutes. Stream without buffering or delays. Rely on a rapid connection in stations and stadiums. So much more is possible with 5G.

4G took mobile technology to new places. As the next layer in our network, BT 5G gives you a faster, smoother and more reliable mobile experience. In the busiest cities, at the busiest times.

Where is 5G?

Our network partner EE made the 5G breakthrough, and was the first to switch on 5G in the UK’s capital cities in May 2019.

We’re leading the UK’s 5G rollout with 5G live in more locations than any other UK network. And we’re not done yet. Far from it. Every day, we’re building the infrastructure to introduce 5G to more and more places across the UK, big and small. We now have 5G in more places and the fastest speeds.

Want to check when we’re coming to you? Use our coverage checker  to stay up to date with our 5G rollout.

How does 5G work?

Wireless communications – like calling, texting and using the internet on your mobile – use radio frequencies. 5G mainly uses higher frequencies than 4G, which are faster and can carry more information.

The 5G for business frequencies we use can also support more devices at the same time, meaning more people can get connected without speeds slowing.

And because the 5G network can be ‘sliced’, operators like BT Business can dedicate slices to particular uses. One BT 5G slice for connecting driverless cars, for example, and another to make sure our 5G business customers can get online faster than ever. 

Discover the benefits of BT 5G for business

Better connection in busy places

At peak times, more and more people put demand on a network, which can cause connections to slow down. But with 5G, you can count on superfast speeds even at London Waterloo during rush hour. Making it easier to do business in the busiest places.

Quicker speeds, superior quality

With 5G you can enjoy higher resolution video calls with no break-up. And if you’re able to work faster using 5G, you could finish your day sooner too. Giving you plenty of time to watch the movie you downloaded – in seconds on 5G rather than minutes on 4G.

Connect instantly with 5G

Nobody wants to wait for webpages or apps to open. 5G gives you an almost-instant connection with very little lag. So everything feels super-quick on a 5G smartphone. Choose your new one from the latest 5G phones available on BT Business today. View 5G phones.

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