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Unable to decide which product is right for you? here’s a rough guide that will help you choose:

With 97% UK coverage, connect your static or moving devices to the best cellular network in the UK

Low Power NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) SIM:
For static devices in a hard to reach location that use only small amounts of bandwidth. Increase your device’s battery life with a Low Power NB-IoT SIM.

UK Multi-Network IoT SIM:
For that extra peace of mind, with 99% coverage, connect your static or moving devices across the UK using our UK Multi-Network IoT SIM. Your primary connection will be to the EE network, but in the unlikely event that EE is not available, you’ll connect to another available UK network.

Global Multi-Network IoT SIM:
For devices used outside of the UK.

Visit our IoT Connectivity homepage for more info

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Data options (per SIM, per month)
Select the data you need per month, per SIM. You can change this at any time once you’ve received your SIMs

For basic monitoring of device status and environment e.g. a sensor to monitor water usage at a property, you’re likely to only need up to 10 MB of data a month.

For more advanced monitoring where you’ll be using larger data sets for analysis, or for more intensive operations on devices such as point of sale or personal digital assistants (PDAs), you’re likely to need 100 MB - 512 MB of data a month. 

For real-time monitoring and control of devices, you’ll likely need 1 GB - 50 GB a month depending on the complexity e.g. low resolution security cameras may need 1 GB - 10 GB a month, whereas high resolution security cameras may need 25 GB - 50 GB a month.


All our IoT SIM cards are ruggedised both physically and electronically. They’re designed for operating in challenging environments such as in low ( -40°C) or high (+105°C) temperatures and can hold data for up to 15 years (depending on environment).

SIM card dimensions:
Mini(2FF) - 15mm x 25mm x 0.76mm

Micro(3FF) - 12mm x 15mm x 0.76mm

Nano(4FF) - 8.8mm x 12.3mm x 0.67mm

Chip(MFF2) - 5mm x 6mm x 0.9mm

The Chip SIM is solderable and has high vibration tolerance.

If you need e-SIM/eUICC, please use the ‘Speak to an expert’ option.

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