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What your Smart Hub 3 lights mean | BT Business
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Your BT Business Smart Hub 3 guide

Find our tips to get the most from your BT Business Smart Hub 3, from setting it up to fixing problems, you’re in the right place.

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What do you want help with?

What the Smart Hub 3 lights mean

When you first plug in your hub, it'll take about four minutes to synchronise. The lights will appear in this order:

Lights order on Smart Hub 3 first plug in

What the lights on your device mean

Solid green

Solid green light on Smart Hub 3
Your hub's starting up.
Leave your hub to start up, it should take approximately 60 seconds to fully turn on before it attempts to connect.
Flashing orange
Flashing orange light on Smart Hub 3
Your hub’s connecting to broadband.
Give it at least three minutes to connect. The light will turn indigo when your hub is ready. If it doesn’t turn indigo, check whether your broadband cable and filter (if you’re using one) are plugged in correctly.
Solid indigo
Solid indigo light on Smart Hub 3
Your hub is working and is connected to the internet.
If you can’t get online, it might be your device. Try switching your device off and on.
Solid white
Solid white light on Smart Hub 3
Your hub is connected to 4G using Hybrid Connect.
Your broadband is down but you can continue to use the internet.
Solid orange
Solid orange light on Smart Hub 3
Your hub is working but isn’t connected to the internet.
Check all your cables are connected.
Solid red
Solid red light on Smart Hub 3
There’s a problem somewhere.
Turn your hub off and on again. If the light still doesn’t turn solid indigo, use a paper clip to press your hub’s factory reset button.
No light
No light on Smart Hub 3
The power is off or the lights have been turned off.
Check the hub is plugged in, switched on and its lights haven't been turned off in the Hub Manager.
Solid yellow
Solid yellow light on Smart Hub 3
The hub is in bridge mode.
The hub is providing broadband to your third-party gateway.
WPS flashing
WPS button flashing on Smart Hub 3
WPS button.
When pressed, the light on your hub will flash blue to show it’s waiting for you to press the WPS button on your computer or device.
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