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Your guide to BT Hybrid Connect

Use this guide to find out how to get and set up your Hybrid Connect device, fix problems yourself, and get the best performance for your business.

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Help with Hybrid Backup

Hybrid Backup equipment and how it works

Hybrid Backup requires a BT Business Smart Hub 2 and Hybrid Connect to work.

Hybrid Connect won’t work if it’s plugged into any other device like third-party routers or laptops.

The SIM within Hybrid Connect won't work in any other device so don't try putting it in a smart phone, tablet or any other 4G modem or mobile device.

What happens when Hybrid Backup is connected?

  • If you lose broadband connection, Hybrid Backup will connect to 4G within 90 seconds to keep you working
  • The Smart Hub 2 light will turn purple when Hybrid Backup is connected to 4G
  • The signal bars on Hybrid Connect will turn from blue to white when Hybrid Backup is connected to 4G

Will Hybrid Backup work if my phone line gets damaged?

Yes, it will. Hybrid Backup has been specifically designed to help you stay online any time your broadband isn't working. So, whether it’s a short-term loss of broadband connection, or something more significant like damage to your line caused by the weather, Hybrid Backup will keep you connected.

Are data and speed capped on Hybrid Backup?

Your data usage allowance will match your broadband limit. So, if you have an unlimited broadband package, your Hybrid Backup is unlimited too.

We don’t cap speed, but a lot of factors can affect it. So we can’t guarantee speed over the 4G network in the same way we guarantee broadband speed. Your 4G Hybrid Backup speed will always try to match your broadband speed, but where you place Hybrid Backup and the 4G signal strength can affect the speed you’ll receive. Get the best signal for Hybrid Connect

Does Hybrid Backup boost my Wi-Fi or broadband speed?

No - the Hybrid Backup service doesn't make your Wi-Fi signal stronger. It only connects when your broadband isn't working — so your broadband and Hybrid Backup service are never on at the same time. Likewise, it doesn't boost your speed. What it gives is peace of mind that you're always connected.

Does Hybrid Backup work with BT Cloud Voice and Cloud Phone?

It sure does. BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone use your broadband connection - so if it ever fails, Hybrid Backup will keep you working.

Does Guest Wi-Fi work when Hybrid Backup is connected?

No, Guest Wi-Fi is only available when your BT Business Smart Hub 2 has broadband connection.

If Hybrid Backup is keeping you connected using the 4G network, you'll need to wait until broadband is available again before you can use Guest Wi-Fi.

Does Hybrid Backup work when there's a power cut?

Unless you’ve a back-up power system, no. Because Hybrid Backup is designed to work together with the BT Business Smart Hub 2, you'll need a working power supply to your hub to stay online.

If there’s a power cut, you'll connect again automatically once power’s been restored – either with broadband as normal or with Hybrid Backup over 4G if broadband’s unavailable.

Will Hybrid Backup work with 3G?

No. Hybrid Backup only works with 4G.

Does Hybrid Backup switch back to broadband automatically?

Yes – but not immediately, it makes sure you've got a stable broadband connection first. When your broadband has been up and running for 15 minutes then Hybrid Backup will switch back.

We've designed it like this so you can rely on Hybrid Backup to keep you online before switching back seamlessly to a stable broadband connection.

Can other people use my Hybrid Backup?

No, it's been designed to work on your broadband line only. For the same reason you can't use your Hybrid Connect anywhere else. It connects if your broadband line isn't working – it's not mobile broadband.

What happens to my static IP?

Your Static IP works normally when Hybrid Backup is active. Hybrid Backup supports both single and multiple Static IPs.

Will Hybrid Backup work in bridge mode?

No, Hybrid Backup won't work in bridge mode.

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