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Control outgoing calls in Cloud Voice (Authorization Code)

Administrators can give certain people the ability to make calls that other people cannot - such as external or long-distance calls - by setting them up with an ‘Authorization Code’.

How do I set up an ‘Authorization Code’?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal
  2. From the ‘Sites’ menu, select the site you're interested in
  3. Select ‘Features
  4. Select ‘Account and Authorization Codes
  5. Select ‘General Settings’ from the box on the left
  6. Click the button for Authorization Codes
  7. Use the dropdown to set the number of digits you want in the code
  8. Tick ‘Allow local and toll free calls’ if you want these calls to proceed without a code
  9. Click ‘Save
  10. Select ‘Codes’ from the box on the left
  11. Click ‘Add
  12. In the ‘Code field enter a unique numeric code (the same length that you set in step 7)
  13. In ‘Code Description’, enter a memorable name (so you can easily identify this code in the future)

You'll now see your new code in the list.


How do I allow an employee to use an ‘Authorization Code’?

  1. Select ‘User Restriction’ from the box on the left
  2. From the ‘Available Users’ table, tick the checkbox for all the people you want to use the 'Authorization Code'
  3. Click ‘Add’ to move them to the ‘Assigned Users’ table
  4. Click ‘Save

The employees you have selected can now use the 'Authorization code' to make calls that other people cannot.

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