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Cloud Voice Busy Lamp Field feature and how to use it

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is an add-on feature pack that you can use with either ‘Collaborate’ or ‘Connect’ BT Cloud Voice licences to -

  • View the status (busy or idle) of members of your BLF group You can have up to 50 members in a BLF group; each member's device must be capable of supporting BLF
  • Speed dial BLF members
  • Pick up calls for other employees To pick up calls, BLF members need to also be part of a Call Pick Up Group and also part of the same site
  • One-touch transfer of calls

What do I need?

  1. An add-on feature pack licence for each employee who needs to use Busy Lamp Field
  2. People must have either a ‘Collaborate’ or ‘Connect’ licence (it won't work with a ‘Basic’ licence)
  3. Each user must have a BLF-compatible device


What do I do?

Once BT has added the BLF licences to your BT Cloud Voice Service your administrator will need to:

  1. Make the feature available to each user
  2. Ensure that the BLF-compatible device being used has the BLF feature enabled
  3. Customise BLF to view the users you want to monitor (users can do this themselves, too)

Making the feature available to the user (administrator only)

  1. Login to the Cloud Voice Portal
  2. Select the employee who you want to use BLF
  3. Under Optional Add-On Feature Packages turn Busy Lamp Field on by moving the slider bar to On
  4. Under Device Selection, ensure that the device shown for the user is BLF-compatible
  5. Save


Making the feature available to the user’s device (administrator only)

  1. Login to the Cloud Voice Portal
  2. Select the site
  3. Select Device Management
  4. Select Devices
  5. Check the BLF checkbox for the device that’s assigned to your user
  6. Save

Customising the BLF (administrator or user)

Once you've activated Busy Lamp Field and assigned it to a suitable device, you can customise it to show those users you wish to monitor.

  1. Login to the Cloud Voice Portal
  2. Select Employees
  3. Select the employee
  4. Select Features
  5. Select Busy Lamp Field
  6. Enter your telephone number in the international format (so if your number is 01234 123456 then enter it as 441234123456)
  7. A list of users that can be monitored from your site will appear
  8. Select the user you wish to monitor
  9. Click Add to move them to the Assigned users table. You can change the order in the table by using the up/down buttons. You may need to reboot your device for the re-ordering to take effect.
  10. Save
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