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What do you need help with?

How to set up an additional desk phone in Cloud Voice Express

If you’re adding another desk phone to Cloud Voice Express, you’ll need to assign a number to it.

First, set up your Cloud Voice Express desk phone

When the additional desk phone’s up and running, you’ll see it doesn’t show a number. Here’s how to give that desk phone a number:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Manage Cloud Voice Express
    Note: Manage Cloud Voice Express is not displayed unless you're an Admin or User.
    If you need to manage Cloud Voice Express, for example, to set up additional devices, or manage Call Diverts, contact your Admin (- typically the person who ordered the service and pays the bills).
  3. Within Manage Cloud Voice Express, go to the number you’re setting up, and select Settings
  4. Select Change device to see all the available devices
  5. Choose the desk phone you want to have this number, and select Done
  6. When the correct devices are selected, press Done
  7. If the number hasn't appeared on the desk phone, switch it off and then on again at the wall socket. When the desk phone starts up, it will show the phone number.

You can also download the Cisco 6861 desk phone user guide (PDF: 2.1MB) for additional assistance.

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