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What to expect from your first bill | BT Business

What to expect from your first bill

Your first bill might be different to your normal bills, as it may include things like one-off connection and delivery charges.

Your bill will be made up of three or four main sections. 

Regular charges 

These are the charges for your services such as a phone line, broadband, mobile rental, cloud services or your overall bundle or package price.

One-off charges

These are the charges for things like delivery, an engineer connecting your line, activation fees and any new kit you needed to get set up.

Usage charges

These are charges for anything over and above your package - including calls to international numbers, or any data you use over the agreed limit.


You may also have a section covering discounts, especially if you bought a bundle of services or a special offer from us.

Other charges

If you have a BT solution such as our cloud voice or cloud phone services, then your bill will include the items needed for this, including your phone line, broadband and any handsets you need. You might have also bought a call package from us, which may give you reduced call prices and a call allowance. Your bill will show this - plus any extra charges for calls you make above your allowance.

We bill regular charges such as rental fees in advance. This means you might see extra days on your first bill, depending on when your service actually starts. Don't worry if this first bill is a bit higher than the amount we quoted when you ordered - the extra days will only be included this once. You'll see a charge from the date you started the service to the end of the current billing period, plus the charge for the next billing period.

You can explore your bill and charges fully online with My account. You'll have instant access to your bills, your usage and your orders, as well as loads of helpful FAQs. If you don't have already have one, you can sign up for My account here (you'll need your bill to hand).

Manage your bill quickly and easily with the BT Business App

Download the BT Business app from the App Store or Google Play today, or scan the QR code to download directly. Or text App to 81192 to download straight to your device.

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