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What is the BT Pinboard and how do I use it? | BT Business

What is the BT Pinboard and how do I use it?

What is the BT Pinboard?

The BT Pinboard is a feature we've created for our customers in Bill analytics. It gives you useful insight into your accounts at a glance.

What information does a pinboard show?

A pinboard contains all your saved - or ‘pinned’ - charts and reports on a customised dashboard.

Can I change the BT Pinboard?

No, but you can create your own pinboard to show the information you want to see.

How do I create a pinboard?

It's simple to customise your own pinboard by adding the reports you want to show.

  1. Create your report using Bill analytics
  2. Click the pin icon on the top-right of the report
    Pin icon
  3. Your report will be saved - or ‘pinned’ - to your pinboard

Can I export my pinboard?

Yes. Bill analytics has been designed to be an interactive online tool. You can export the reports, charts and pinboards you create in png, xlsx and csv formats.

Where do I find Bill analytics?

Bill analytics is available in My account. You'll need to sign in to use it, or register for My account first.

  1. In My account, go to Billing & payments 
  2. Select Bill analytics from the left-hand menu

If you have any queries about Bill analytics, please call 0800 756 0806.

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