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What is ISDN30/30e? | BT Business

What is ISDN30/30e?

ISDN30 and ISDN30e are high-performance voice and data services for modern businesses with eight or more employees. Each ISDN30/30e connection provides 8-30 independent 64k channels. You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files. ISDN30/30e is ideal for wide-area networks linking two or more offices. The following is a list of the advantages of using the service:

  • Connections are almost instant.
  • Voice communications with other ISDN users are crystal clear.
  • You can send and receive calls to all telephone subscribers, whether they use digital or analogue equipment.
  • Data transfer is fast and error free.
  • There is a wide range of compatible equipment, giving you access to the latest digital technology.
  • You can provide your staff with individual DDI numbers.
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