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How to return your BT Business equipment | BT Business

Returning your BT Business-owned equipment, a handy guide

BT owns any equipment we’ve sent you since 1 June 2020, unless you’ve bought the equipment from us. This includes BT Business Smart Hubs, 4G Assure dongles, Hybrid Connect, Wi-Fi Discs, Complete Wi-Fi for Business discs, and Cloud Voice Express phones. For Cloud Voice phones, the same applies from 11 July 2022.

Why do I need to return my BT-owned equipment?

Waste is bad for the planet and bad for business. It’s why we re-use and recycle our equipment. To help us do this, we ask you to send back to us any BT-owned equipment you no longer use. This happens when we replace your equipment, or you stop being a customer of ours.

See how we're supporting a circular economy and tackling climate change.

How do I know if my BT-owned equipment needs returning?

When it’s time to send your BT-owned equipment back to us, we’ll email you. Plus, you can view the returns status of all your BT-owned equipment in My Account.

How do I return my BT-owned equipment?

When your BT-owned equipment is due back, we’ll send you a pre-paid returns label and returns bag for posting. Simply bag and label your equipment and send to us from any Post Office or arrange for Royal Mail to collect from your premises for a nominal fee. You can use the number on your Post Office receipt to track your return.

If you schedule a collection, you'll need to enter the tracked reference from the postage label in your returns bag (it will look something like AB 1111 0000 1C). If you have any questions about your collection contact Royal Mail.

Within a few days of us getting the equipment back, you’ll see its status change in My Account.

Do I need to ask for my pre-paid returns label, and returns bag?

We’ll send you your pre-paid returns label and returns bag without you asking. If you don’t receive the bag and label, please Contact us for replacements.

Should I get proof of postage to show I’ve returned my BT-owned equipment?

We don’t normally need proof of postage. But we may do if there’s a problem with your return. So please keep hold of your Post Office receipt just in case.

Can I check if you’ve received my returned equipment?

When we get your BT-owned equipment back, we’ll email you to say we have it. Within a few days, we’ll also update the status of your return in My Account.

What if my BT-owned equipment is faulty or broken?

Even if your BT-owned equipment is less than perfect, we can still re-use or recycle parts. So, please do return any equipment we ask for.

I can’t find all cables that came with the equipment originally. Will I be charged?

Our hubs, dongles, discs and phones usually come with cables, and we'd ideally like these back too. However, don’t worry if these are missing, as we won’t charge you for them.

If you’re returning a Cloud Voice phone which was supplied with a Power Supply Unit, then we’ll also need this to be returned.

What if I don’t return my equipment as asked?

If you don’t return your BT-owned equipment within 60 days of us asking, we’ll add a charge to your bill. For more details, please see our non-return fees.

I can’t send the equipment back. Is it OK to pay a charge instead?

Yes, it’s OK to pay a charge instead.

I’ve returned my BT-owned equipment, but that’s not showing in My Account. How can I know I won’t get charged?

It can take a few days for our system to update the status of returned equipment. Chat now if you need to ask about the status of a return.

I’ve been charged for returning my equipment late. Can I get a refund for this?

If we get your BT-owned equipment back after the return-by date, we may be able to refund you. To find out more chat now.

Can I send you my used BT equipment you’ve not asked for?

Yes. To help reduce waste, and do our bit for the planet, we’ll recycle all BT equipment you no longer use. Chat now for suitable returns labels. Also ask for returns bags to take everything, unless you prefer to use your own packaging. Then bag or parcel up your equipment, and send to us from any Post Office.

What if I want to keep the BT-owned equipment you’ve asked me to send back?

You can keep the BT-owned equipment we’ve asked you to send back if you pay the non-return fee. For more details, please chat now.

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