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BT Cloud Work portal

The BT Cloud Work online portal helps you manage and control your BT Cloud Work and BT Cloud Phone, from any place you can access the internet. For example, you can:

With the BT Cloud Work:

  • Access help and support guides and videos.
  • View call usage details for remote, home, and mobile workers.
  • Order more phone numbers or transfer existing numbers to your BT Cloud Work service.

With the BT Cloud Phone:

  • Set and change your call handling rules instantly.
  • View call usage details for remote, home and mobile workers.
  • Add users and order more phones.
  • Order more phone numbers or arrange to port existing numbers to your BT Cloud Phone service.
  • Access help and support guides and videos.

How do I access it?

Access is easy and password-protected and encrypted, just Log in to the BT Cloud Work portal.

How do I reset a BT Cloud Work portal password?

  1. Head to the BT Cloud Work login page.
  2. Select the Forgot your password option.
  3. Enter your user details (including the answer to your security question).
  4. We'll automatically email a password reset link to the email address registered against your user extension.

Administrators can also change User passwords in the BT Cloud Work portal:

  1. In the Phone System view, navigate to Users > User Info > User Password.
  2. Enter your admin password and then change a user’s password, PIN, or security question.

If you need further help, call the BT Cloud Work service team on 0800 389 0598.

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