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What are the mailbox commands? | BT Business

What are the mailbox commands?

The following is a list of frequently used mailbox commands that are available after dialling *17 when you have logged into the mailbox;

  • Call back sender: **Press ****

  • Change mailbox code: *Press 04

  • Delete current message: Press 4

  • Edit greeting message: Press 3 then listen to next set of options, which are:-

    a) Listen to the greeting message: Press 1
    b) To start recording a new greeting: Press 2, (to stop recording the new greeting: Press 2)
    c) Save a new Greeting: Press 3 (important to listen to all options before pressing 3!)
    d) Save a new greeting as a loop (i.e. as an announcement only): Press 4
    e) Return to mailbox: Press 8

  • Fast forward: Press #

  • Forward message: Press 6

  • Help (if enabled): *Press 4

  • Pause current message: Press 0

  • Play old messages: Press 1

  • Play saved messages: Press 2

  • Record name: *Press 05

  • Repeat last message: Press 7

  • Rewind: **Press ***

  • Save current message: Press 5

  • Skip current message: Press 9

To access and log in to your mailbox:

  1. The mailbox can either be accessed via the Message button on the phone or by dialling *17 from your own extension.
  2. If choosing the former then after pressing the Message button on the phone push the Select button and this should now display the number of New Messages. Pushing the Down Scroll Arrow should then display the old messages and if pressed again then will reveal the saved messages.
  3. Pressing Select choses the first message and other messages can be shown by scrolling via the Up or Down Scroll Arrow.
  4. Use Listen/Back or More for further options such as Delete or Copy and Call as required.
  5. If you prefer to dial *17 to access a mailbox then the following apply:-
  • If you only have been given access to your own personal mailbox then you will hear a prompt quoting the total number of your new messages.

  • If you have access to more than one mailbox then you will be prompted to enter the mailbox number followed by the password and then depress the hash button. The reply gives the quantity of new messages on the system for this mailbox.

  • The voicemail system will then start playing your new messages.

    Once a new message has been listened to, it is marked as 'old' and is automatically deleted after 24 hours. If you do not want the message deleted, you must mark it as 'saved' by pressing 5 whilst listening to the message.

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