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How do I setup a Hunt Group queuing announcement? | BT Business

How do I setup a Hunt Group queuing announcement?

To setup your Hunt Group queuing announcement follow these simple steps:-

  1. Log in to IP Office Manager.
  2. Select the User or Hunt Group for which announcements are required.
  3. View the Announcements tab and make your required changes. See below for announcement explanations.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
  5. Merge the configuration back to the IP Office.

Announcement Explanations

  • Announcements On: Default = Off.
    This setting enables or disables announcements.
  • Wait before 1st announcement: Default = 10 seconds. Range = 0 to 9999 seconds.
    This setting sets the time delay from the calls presentation, after which the first announcement should be played to the caller.
    If Synchronize Calls is selected the actual wait may differ, see below.
  • Flag call as answered: Default = Off.
    This setting is used by the IP Office Custom Call Centre application.
    By default they do not regarded a call as answered until it has been answered by a person.
    This setting allows calls to be marked as answered once the caller has heard the first announcement.
    This setting is not used by the IP Office Customer Call Reporter application.
  • Post announcement tone: Default = Music on hold.
    Following the first announcement, you can select whether the caller should hear Music on Hold, Ringing or Silence until answered or played another announcement.
  • 2nd Announcement: Default = On.
    If selected, a second announcement can be played to the caller if they have still not been answered.
  • Wait before 2nd announcement: Default = 20 seconds. Range = 0 to 9999 seconds.
    This setting sets the wait between the 1st and the 2nd announcement. If Synchronize Calls is selected, the actual wait may differ, see below.
  • Repeat last announcement: Default = On.
    If selected, the last announcement played to the caller is repeated. This will continue until they are answered or hang-up.
  • Wait before repeat: Default = 20 seconds. Range = 0 to 9999 seconds.
    If Repeat last announcement is selected, this setting sets is applied between each repeat of the last announcement. If Synchronize Calls is selected, this value is greyed out and set to match the Wait before 2nd announcement setting.
  • Synchronize calls: Default = Off
    This option can be used to restrict how many voicemail channels are required to provide the announcements.
    • Off
      When Synchronize calls is off, announcement are played individually for each call. This requires a separate voicemail channel each time an announcement is played to each caller. While this ensures accurate following of the wait settings selected, it does not make efficient use of voicemail channels.
    • On
      When Synchronize calls is on, if a required announcement is already being played to another caller further callers wait until the announcement been completed and can be restarted. In addition, when a caller has waited for the set wait period and the announcement is started, any other callers waiting for the same announcement hear it even if they have not waited for the wait period. Using this setting, the maximum number of voicemail channels ever needed is 1 or 2 depending on the number of selected announcements.
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