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How do I access my voicemail? | BT Business

How do I access my voicemail?

To access your voicemail follow the steps below:

  1. *Dial 17 from your extension. Some Avaya telephones have a dedicated voicemail key which can also be used to access your mailbox.

  2. If your mailbox has an access code set, using your telephone keypad, enter the mailbox number followed by # and password followed by #.

  3. You will hear a prompt telling you how many messages you have in your mailbox.

  4. The voicemail system will start playing your new messages.

  5. Once you have accessed your mailbox, you can use the following codes:

    • Play old messages: Press 1
    • Play saved messages: Press 2
    • Edit your mailbox greeting: Press 3
    • Delete current message: Press 4
    • Save current message: Press 5
    • Change mailbox access code: Press *04
    • Hear Help Prompts: Press *4
    • Exit: Press 8
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