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Office 365 Professional Setup from BT | BT Business

Office 365 Professional Setup from BT

If you've clicked the Office 365 Professional Setup tile in your BT Business Apps "MyApps" page then, good news, we're getting ready to get you up and running with Office 365. One of our Digital Experts will call you, as previously agreed.

Paying for the service

As with other purchases via BT Business Apps, the charge for this service will appear on your next BT Bill and becomes payable once received.

What to do before the call

Make sure someone in your team can take the call and has a computer with reliable Internet access so we can activate your Office 365 service.

What happens during the call and what the Office 365 Professional Setup service includes

By sharing your screen with us, we'll activate up to five licences for Office 365. Then we'll run through the set-up to help you make the most of your new Office 365 service. Here are some of the things we can help you with, depending on what you need for your business.

  • Create your Office 365 online account
  • Get your domain name(s) working with Office 365
  • Install Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • Set up Outlook to connect to your Office 365 account
  • Migrate your existing email account
  • Install One Drive for Business to store, share and sync our work

Just so that you know

The email migration only moves email folders, so you may lose any calendar and contact entries that you have. You might want to back these up separately.

Our Digital Expert may back up your email folders remotely as part of the migration, once completed these will be securely deleted.

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