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Managing your data with BT Business Mobile | BT Business

Managing your data with BT Business Mobile

How do I configure my BT Business Mobile APN settings?

APN stands for Access Point Name. It's a gateway between your mobile network and usually the public internet. The APN must match authorisation settings. These settings come pre-configured, but if you need to manually configure the BT Business Mobile APN settings, use the following:

  • APN address:
  • Username: bt
  • Password: bt

How do I configure my BT Business Mobile MMS settings?

MMS stands for multi-media messaging service, and is a standard way to send multi-media content to and from mobile devices.

If you're having trouble sending and receiving MMS picture messages, you may need to set up your MMS settings.They should come pre-set, but if not simply use the settings below for BT Business Mobile:

  • APN address: MMS.BT.COM
  • Username: bt
  • Password: bt
  • MMSC address: http://MMS/
  • MMS Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

Can I add more data allowance or a roaming data allowance to my mobile plan?

We now offer a range of data mobile extras for customers who have high data usage or who are travelling outside of the UK. For more information see our mobile data extras online.

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