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How do I move my mailbox from BT Business to another provider? | BT Business

How do I move my mailbox from BT Business to another provider?

If BT Business hosts your domain for you, we use Office 365 to provide your mailbox.

Microsoft only allows your mailbox to be set up with one Office 365 provider, so if you're moving your domain you'll need to remove your mailbox from BT first.

How to move your mailbox

  1. First, back up your mailbox in Outlook
    How to back up your mailbox
  2. Next, deactivate your mailboxes for this domain using your BT account
    How to deactivate your mailbox
  3. Deactivated all mailboxes on your BT account for this domain? Your domain can now be removed from BT’s Office 365. So it’s time to let your new provider know. They'll be able to create new mailboxes for you on your new domain. They should be able to use the information you've backed up if they need to.

What happens if I don't move my mailbox?

If you don't move your mailbox, it won't work. You'll see an error message on your Office 365 control panel when it tries to verify your new domain.

What happens if I have problems deactivating my mailboxes?

If you see the error message after deactivating all your mailboxes, or you have any problems moving mailboxes, you can contact our technical helpdesk for support.

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