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Forwarding calls on IP Office | BT Business

Forwarding calls on IP Office

To learn about setting up Call forwarding (or diversion) and Mobile twinning, take a look at our video:

How do I forward calls from my IP Office handset to my mobile or home? (video without sound).

Cancelling an extension call forward or twinning feature

If an extension user has programmed a call forward or twinning feature on their phone to send all their direct dial calls to another destination, it’s easy to cancel this feature.

On the phone, dial *00

You’ll hear two beeps to confirm this feature is cancelled.

The status reminder will disappear from the display on the Avaya phones.

Changes to incoming call routing for IP Office

Your number may be routing to an alternative telephone number whilst you're away from the office. This can be programming in the IP Office Manager application and the destination will be an external telephone number instead of a Hunt Group or Users Extension. This can easily be changed to route back to the correct destination. To do this: 

Note: If you find your telephone number is going to the correct Hunt Group or user extension, then it may be programmed in a different location. If this is the case, please don't follow these steps.

  1. Log into the IP Office Manager using your secure credentials.
  2. Once in the IP Office Manager configuration, on the left-hand side you'll see 'Incoming Call Route'. This is where you'll find all your telephone numbers. Click on the number and then the Destination tab. The default value is usually the day routing of the telephone number. The 'Destination' field will show an external number where all your incoming calls are routing.
  3. Click on the dropdown on the right side of the external number and from the selection of 'Extensions', 'Hunt Groups' and 'Auto Attendants', find and select the one which may have the name main 'Number' or 'Reception' etc.
  4. Click OK to save.
  5. To save the changes back to your Avaya Telephone system, click on the third icon at the top (it looks like a blue floppy disc). If you hover your mouse over the icon it’ll say 'Save Configuration File'.
  6. A new window will appear 'Send Configuration' and the blue dot will be against 'Merge'. Click OK and your programming will be saved and your system configuration changed. This change will always be a 'Merge' and not an immediate action.
    Note: If the blue dot is against 'Immediate', then this will reboot your system which is service affecting and takes 2-3 minutes to complete. It also means that something else has changed within your system that requires a reboot to update the configuration.
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