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End of contract notification information | BT Business

End of contract notification information

Why has BT written to me about my contract coming to an end?

Ofcom now requires all communication providers to give their customers information about the end of their contract.

So when your contract is coming to an end, we'll send you details about your contract and what your rights are. For some customers we'll also show the best tariffs available.

We'll also be sending annual out of contract notification reminders once a year to all customers who are out of contract.

Want to find out more about the end of contract regulations? There's a PDF on Ofcom's website (2.1MB) giving more information.

Can I opt out of receiving end of contract notifications?

No, end of contract notifications are an Ofcom requirement and we must send notifications to be compliant with the regulation. We make sure that these notifications comply with GDPR requirements, if you haven't consented to receiving marketing information.

Will I be able to see the end of contract information anywhere else?

Yes, you'll be able to see your end of contract notification on the BT Business app and in My Account for 90 days.

Thinking about leaving BT? Why not chat with us or give us a call on 0800 916 0729 to discuss your options.

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