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Cancelling Office 365 Business Essentials | BT Business

Cancelling Office 365 Business Essentials

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If you previously added a BT or externally hosted domain to your Office 365 service, you'll first need to remove the domain from your account:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Office 365.
  2. Select "Domains" within the Office 365 Admin Centre.
  3. Click on the "Remove domain" button next to your domain.

You can then cease your Office 365 service on BT Business Apps:

  1. Sign in to BT Business Apps using your username, e.g. and password.
  2. On MyApps page, you will find a logo for Office 365 and a small wheel on the top right end side of this logo. Click on this small wheel and select "Manage App".
  3. In the Manage App page, click on the "Cancel subscription".
  4. If you're still within commitment for your Microsoft Office 365 service, a pop-up window will appear and display the Early Termination Charges applying after cancellation. We recommend you review this amount before confirming you want to cease the service.


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