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Mobile Manager

BT Mobile Manager is a free digital service we offer to help you manage your account. Keep track of your phone usage and spending with:

  • Real-time SIM services, making it easy to swap a SIM or switch features on and off like roaming, international calling, and premium services
  • A dashboard showing summaries of mobile spend and usage
  • Invoice breakdown by business area including charges and credits
  • Email notifications when your invoice is ready to view and download
  • The ability to view billed usage and create simple reports
  • Paperless billing options

How do I register for BT Mobile Manager?

Registering for BT Mobile Manager is quick and easy:

  1. First, activate your online account
  2. Select Activate your account in the left-hand menu and click Next
  3. Enter your mobile account number (00 followed by the last six digits of your account number) - your mobile account number will start MC00100******
  4. Create a secure password (you'll be prompted to change this every 90 days)

If you've recently joined us, you'll only be able activate your Mobile Manager account after you've received your first bill. This can take up to 30 days from the date you took out your mobile service.

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