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Speeds on Btnet

BTnet is a 100% uncontended, dedicated service. This means that you’ll never share access or bandwidth with any other users, so it is completely yours, guaranteeing your speed.

The latency in the BTnet network 

Our BTnet Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers a maximum UK network latency of 20ms but our UK latency is usually even better than this.

The SLA also guarantees a latency of under 95ms across our Trans-Atlantic network links.

Find out more about BTnet Leased Lines.

Maximum upload/download speeds on BTnet

The maximum upload/download speed is dependent on the size of your BTnet circuit (or bearer). Circuits are available in various sizes up to a maximum of 10 Gbps. A service bandwidth (or port speed) is selected within the capacity of your circuit which determines your service speed.

BTnet services offer matching symmetrical upload and download speeds as standard, so if you order 100Mbps port speed for example, you’d receive 100Mbps upload and 100Mbps download speeds.

Can I flex the speed up and down on BTnet?

Yes. With BTnet you can flex bandwidth within the capacity of your bearer circuit, with only 72 hours’ notice.

Rental will change on a pro rata basis for the period of flex. That means you can reduce rental and benefit from reduced costs in quieter periods.

Visit our leased line page to find out more.

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