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Getting started with BTnet | BT Business

Getting started with BTnet

Getting BTnet up and running

As part of an order for the BTnet service we’ll be able to provide up-front lead time predictions (how long it’ll take to get your Btnet up and running) based on average installation times in your area and a desktop survey of the likely complexity of delivery to your site (a “category” of delivery).

This’ll give you our best indication of an expected lead time before an order is placed. We don’t have “standard lead times” because these are misleading, and we can give you an accurate expectation when you talk to our teams instead. The only exception would be BTnet Express services that are delivered using easy-to-install cabling options and so have a typical standard lead time of 35 – 40 working days.

All installations are subject to site survey, which will be completed as the first step of any order and will give you a firm expectation of lead time. We’ll also provide you with a ‘Customer Committed Date’ after survey, which is covered under our Service Level Agreement.

Find out more about BTnet Leased Lines.

Does BTnet come with a router?

Yes. BTnet Leased Lines are delivered as standard with a fully managed router or ‘Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)’. Depending on your requirements we have options available from Cisco and Cisco Meraki. You can also get 'wires only' if you prefer to provide and manage the equipment in-house.

What Distributed Denial of Service packages are available with BTnet?

BT Assure offers a range of DDoS services (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to mitigate attacks. 

If you want to contact a DDoS Sales Specialist, please email us at

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