Everyone’s talking about digital transformation right now. But it’s no longer just a buzzword: it’s an imperative. The last 12 months have forced businesses to adapt – and fast. Those that don’t embrace digital technologies risk being left behind. In an always-on world, you have to keep moving. Not only to meet ever-increasing customer demands, but to stay one step ahead of the competition.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation. When used in the right way, and for the right purpose, disruptive technologies like 5G, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open up new and exciting opportunities. But every company, industry and area of business is different, with varying needs and different working environments. So in order to drive a successful digital transformation, you need to look first at your organisation's needs, and identify the tools that will meet them. 

Successful digital transformation starts with a tailored approach to technology

Nearly half of UK workers waste three hours or more a day working with inefficient systems, costing businesses over £28,000 a year, according to a study published by The Access Group.​[1]​ ​ In finance, for example, hours are wasted handling employee expenses​ and processing invoices and payments. These manual processes could easily be speeded up with cloud-based accounting software that automates daily tasks and streamlines operations. And in the construction industry, time is lost to poor connectivity on-site, damaged devices not fit for the environment in which they’re being used, and workers not having the tools to be able to send and receive large files quickly. It’s a problem easily solved with site-wide 5G connectivity. Giving workers sophisticated devices with cloud-based collaboration apps, brings teams together in real time and reduces the need for travel. ​

These are just a few examples of why a tailored approach to technology is the future of digital transformation. Samsung is one of our key technology partners who have supported a tailored approach, developing technology that benefits many different industries and sectors. Their rugged devices offer high performance and the best protection – fit for real-world work environments beyond the office.

We’re working with Samsung to lead change. They too recognise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to technology. A tailored device strategy is empowering people in the field that need tough tech. Best-in-class enterprise solutions and devices on our best-in-class network are enabling new opportunities – boosting productivity, increasing flexibility and making organisations more agile.

[1] https://www.talk-business.co.uk/2015/03/12/uk-businesses-waste-over-28000-a-year-on-inefficiency/

Empowering frontline workers with the tools to work faster and smarter

More than two billion people worldwide are frontline workers. Healthcare may be the first industry that comes to mind, but they work across a range of industries, from manufacturing and field services to retail, construction, transportation and logistics.

But they all share a common set of challenges: according to Samsung, “less than 25% of frontline workers say they have the right technology to do their jobs effectively.” It’s a startling statistic.

Frontline workers often have to operate in difficult conditions. They require intelligent tools to help them work more efficiently, while staying safe. More than one third of frontline workers carry three or more devices to perform their day-to-day tasks ​[2]. Using these rugged multi-use devices for frontline tasks, can save​ employees 58 minutes a day, while increasing productivity by 34%​ [3]. Helping them to​ do more with a single device, by simplifying daily tasks, so they can work more efficiently, no matter where they are.

[2]1​ ​Source: Upcoming white paper “The need for the connected Frontline worker: Industry insights and trends,” Ipsos commissioned survey, November 2020

[3] The Future of BYOD: Statistics, Predictions and Best Practices to Prep for the Future, Forbes

Whether your teams work on the frontline, in the field, at head office or home office, a tailored device strategy can revolutionise your business. And change the way you work forever.

less than 25% of frontline workers say they have the right technology to do their jobs effectively.

5G is critical to digital transformation

5G is unleashing the next wave of digital disruption, making things once thought impossible, possible. And we’re helping our customers ride that wave. The faster speeds and low latency 5G provides will have a huge impact on businesses of all sizes’ ability to make the most of emerging tools like the Internet of Things (IoT) and VR/AR. It’s boosting productivity, creating new business models and opening up new customer experiences.

We’ve already seen how 5G can transform healthcare,​ ​with the UK’s first​  demonstration of a remote controlled ultrasound scan over a public 5G network, which brought the concept of a 5G ‘connected ambulance’ to life.

We’re giving small, medium and corporate businesses, across a range of industries, access to next-generation technologies that can transform the way they work and collaborate. And powered by 5G, we’re building a network that places UK businesses at the forefront of the race to define the future.  

Put people first

It’s important to remember that the biggest disruptor into the future is not the technology alone – it’s people. Bringing your employees with you on your journey of digital transformation will make them feel more involved and empowered. Giving them the best tools, will unlock their potential.  

The future is now

If you want to find out more about the power of new technologies, and how they can transform your business, check out ​The Future is No​w​.​ Our brand-new show is packed with insights from trailblazing digital-first businesses, to help you get ahead of the curve. So you’re ready for whatever the future brings. 

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