The Future is Now: A connected world

The Future is Now: A connected world

Imagine a network that does more than just connect you to the internet. A connection that could change your future.

Intelligent Growth Solutions are harnessing the power of technology to take the farming industry to the next level. With AI, IoT, the Cloud, and 5G, watch how this company have digitally transformed an age-old industry into a modern, sustainable business model. All through the power of connection.

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The Future is Now Live! - Explore what's possible with next gen connectivity

In our latest episode of The Future is Now, Live! we delved into the world of innovation made possible with next-gen connectivity.

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Sometimes all you need is an idea to spark your journey. We’ve got some more amazing tech stories to help you on your way.

Where to start when choosing an internet connection?

There’s so much available to businesses these days, how do you pick? Well, we’ve pulled together a handy checklist for you, so you’ll never miss a trick when it comes to choosing the right connection.
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The 5G revolution

We’re joined by Phil Siveter, CEO of Nokia UK and Ireland. The theme? 5G, and all it’s glorious potential. He takes us through the industries that can really benefit from a digital transformation based upon 5G technology.
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Using tech for a greener planet

University of Stirling is tackling climate change, using both IoT and 5G technology. It’s created a datahub that draws data in from environmental sensors across the region to improve the Scottish water supply. With sensors working around the clock, the water can be tracked and prevent flood risks.
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Supercharging the staycation

Check out how the Caravan and Motorhome Club have harnessed the power of advanced connectivity. A traditionally rural industry, they’ve moved forward into the digital age with supercharged hotspots at hundreds of their sites. What are they thinking of adopting next?
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Change is on the horizon

We want you to be ahead of the game. Our top tech can help you get the edge on the competition. Let’s make a change. Together.

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