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Surveillance solutions for public transport

Safety and security in motion

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Securing your people, your passengers, and your infrastructure

Crime never stops. And public transport companies must remain vigilant. Planes, trains, trams, coaches and buses all present complex safety and security challenges for public authorities and private companies.

Bus, tram, and train stations are hazardous places. It’s not just the dangers of being run over by a bus or tram, or slipping off the platform at the train station that worry transport managers. Anti-social behaviour, petty theft, and the ever-present threat of terrorist attack pose their own challenges, too.

And you’re also looking out for the transport infrastructure itself. The depots and stations, the trams and trains, the roads and the trackside paraphernalia. We need people watching out for us. And to do that, they need access to secure, real-time surveillance.

When it comes to public transport surveillance, we’re on board with you

We understand the difficulties you face

You need to keep passengers and staff out of harm’s way when they’re on the move. And while they’re waiting to embark at the station, bus stop, or terminal. You also need to guard your property and assets against everything from graffiti ‘artists’ to arsonists, thieves to terrorists, and plain old acts of God.

Better tech can help you keep costs down

At the very time when squeezed budgets are forcing authorities to cut back on surveillance systems, the technology is better than it’s ever been.  We can help you build your strategy so you can stay in the game and balance the books.

BT surveillance – keeping Manchester moving

See how Transport for Greater Manchester takes a smarter approach to surveillance to keep the traffic flowing freely.

How we can help

Passenger safety, station security

Our range of surveillance solutions can help keep your passengers and staff safe, and your infrastructure secure. Whether you’re looking for a fixed camera system or something mobile that you can easily set up wherever you need it, we can help.

Making car parks safer, 24/7

Car parks and cycle storage facilities are a prime target for theft. Making these spaces more secure, welcoming, well-lit and easy to access will reassure the public and staff and encourage more people to hop on to the public transport system

Get the edge on customer behaviour with your camera network

You can get more from a surveillance camera than just video of people milling around a bus station. On-camera or ‘edge’ analytics can give you useful insight into how people are behaving, where people are congregating or slowing down.

Your passengers love free wi-fi, so give it to them

Giving people free wi-fi is easy when you have a surveillance camera network. We can add wi-fi access points to any of your camera locations so people can hop on the wi-fi as they wait to hop on the bus. Make your transport facilities better places to be.

Framework agreements

Procurement made easy

Procuring our services is simple and cost effective because we’re part of the Crown Commercial Services framework agreement

Existing public sector customers

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