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Surveillance solutions for police forces

Stop crime in its tracks, secure convictions in court

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Crime watching

Policing Britain’s streets is tough at the best of times, let alone now. In the face of unprecedented financial cutbacks, local authorities are under pressure. Some areas are having to pull funding for public space CCTV, with serious consequences for law enforcement and investigation. Making sure you always have access to the video surveillance you need to protect citizens, and prevent and detect crime is a challenge, for sure.

Surveillance tech has never been better

At the very time when squeezed budgets are forcing local authorities to cut back on their surveillance systems, the technology is better than it’s ever been.

Image quality is superb, allowing for swift and confident identification of suspects and analysis of situations. And high-quality CCTV evidence is persuasive, both in and out of the courtroom. 

Mobile surveillance can livestream local CCTV images directly onto the smartphone screen of the officers on the ground. And systems are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

We can help you build your strategy so you can stay in the game and balance the books.

Sussex Police case study

For Sussex Police and its partners, CCTV is about keeping people safe, preventing and detecting crime. Used intelligently, it can also help secure early convictions, cut down court time, and, as Sussex Police has proved, save money.

We worked closely with the force to design, build and manage their new system. We project managed to complete installation, tested each component thoroughly and trained the staff how to use the new equipment. And because we're part of the Crown Commercial Services framework agreements, procurement was quick and cost-effective.

Public space surveillance helps policing in four ways

1. Deterring crime and anti-social behaviour

Outdoor cameras contribute to reassuring a more peaceful, law-abiding community. Some authorities are already using overt surveillance to improve the security of car parks, particularly for women using them after dark.


2. Investigating crime and catching suspects

Police forces across the UK rely on our real-time surveillance services to fight crime at all levels. Whether it’s using real-time surveillance to catch offenders in the act, or as a prime source of evidence when mounting an investigation.


3. Helping you to secure convictions

Whatever your local authority’s transport challenges, surveillance solutions can help create a safer environment for passengers and staff alike. Especially when local authorities collaborate with transport organisations.

4. Dealing with terror threats

The threat from terror doesn’t stand still and neither does the capability and intelligence of our surveillance systems. Secure live streaming from fixed and mobile surveillance cameras can provide intelligence for pre- and post-incident management.

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Procuring our services is simple and cost effective because we’re part of the Crown Commercial Services framework agreement

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