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Surveillance networks

Networks that put you in the picture

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A great surveillance system can't work without a great network

A fixed, mobile, or wireless network that connects your surveillance cameras to your control room is essential for all real-time surveillance systems. But even when you don’t need to see what’s going on at the exact moment it’s happening, connecting your cameras to a network makes compelling financial sense.

With networked cameras you can access your live-streamed video images remotely. And that means you don’t have to physically visit each one to collect film or download from an edge recording device. Saving you travel time and costs, and vehicle maintenance budgets. 

When it comes to surveillance networks, one size does not fit all

Different situations, local geography, operational demands, and individual budget constraints all inform how we design a network. With over 45,000 video channels in the UK, we understand how to design, deliver, and manage resilient networks that will always keep you in the picture.

We have it all when it comes to surveillance network connectivity

Fixed: fibre point-to-point networks

Our exclusive fibre point-to-point transmission services, RS1000 (fibre) and RS1000D (digital), connect the camera from the street direct to the control room with a secure, low-latency, near-broadcast quality, real-time transmission link.


  • Fibre-delivered analogue CCTV
  • High-quality video, voice, telemetry and data transmission
  • Remote, central, or local access
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk
  • Fault fix within 72 hours


  • Fibre-delivered IP digital surveillance cameras
  • High-quality, two-way video, voice, telemetry and data transmission
  • Remote, central, or local access
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk
  • Fault fix within 72 hours

Flexible: IP network

If you need a network service stretching across a larger region, or even the whole of the UK, we can offer you a secure managed service too. BT IP Connect UK is the UK’s market-leading IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) digital cloud-based networking solution. This easily scalable, resilient service gives you an IP-network ‘cloud’ with all the benefits of BT’s cyber security.

BT IP Connect

  • Bring all your applications onto a single network
  • We design, maintain, and manage the network, keeping costs down
  • Wide range of access speeds and technologies
  • Flexible speeds so you can match bandwidth to what you need
  • Watertight security with a CAS(T) Assured and PSN Certified service

Making your CCTV network work harder

Once we’ve installed your high-quality CCTV transmission network, you’re not limited to only using it for cameras. You can also use the infrastructure as the foundation for smart city activities, including voice-based help and information points, access control, fire and intruder alarm monitoring, and to provide points-of-presence for blanketing your city with free public Wi-Fi. 

We’ll survey your sites and we’ll work with you to design a cost-effective network, using multi-channel circuits to reduce costs wherever possible. As well as end-to-end project management, we’ll install network termination equipment at both ends of the network cabling.

Fixed: safety camera networks

With wet-film cameras becoming increasingly difficult and costly to maintain, digital (IP-enabled) cameras are the natural replacement. No film to collect and process. No time wasted waiting for the finished image to turn up for analysis. No cameras running out of film. No speeding motorists getting away with it.

But to get the full benefits, you need to link the cameras back to your control centre with a secure high-speed network. Do that and you’re looking at significant operational cost savings.

And that’s what you’ll get with our Safety Camera Connect service.

It’s an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)-based service that transmits images and data from roadside speed cameras to your termination point or control room. You’ll get an instant and secure feed with enough bandwidth to relay still images and their metadata.

Get up to speed with Safety Camera Connect 

  • Street ADSL with adequate bandwidth to relay still images from road safety cameras
  • We provide a fully-managed installation from survey through to connection
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk
  • Fault fix within 72 hours

Mobile networks

Working alongside your fixed surveillance operation, Mobile Surveillance is brilliant for co-ordinating and running live operations on the ground.

Mobile surveillance

Our Mobile Surveillance cameras and surveillance devices use the secure BT Wi-fi network as its default connection. With over 5.2 million hotspots across the UK, it’s the largest in the UK. And it’s still growing.

If you’re not within range of a BT Wi-fi hotspot, the mobile camera switches to the EE 4G or 3G mobile network for smooth, uninterrupted coverage. Whichever connection your Mobile Surveillance solution uses, you’ll get a reliable, encrypted, and resilient real-time video feed straight into your control room or mobile control centre.

Wireless networks

We have a range of un-licensed and low-licensed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi transmission services designed to deliver CCTV images securely to the control room.

All of our wireless solutions are ruggedised and high-performance, delivering a system uptime of at least 99.999%.

  • Point-to-point - single cameras
  • Point-to-multipoint – camera hub points
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint (mesh) – blanket camera coverage in outdoor areas
  • High bandwidth backhaul - multiple cameras to control rooms
  • Transmission on the 5-80 GHz spectrum
  • Technology partners include: SMe Siae, Siklu, and Silvernet (over 20,000 units deployed for CCTV across the UK and Ireland)

We offer consultancy, surveys, design, installation, and support of hybrid network solutions for CCTV and other associated smart applications.

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