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Watching out for the public, reassuring the community  

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What does surveillance mean to you?

Public surveillance means different things to different people.  Maybe you think about cameras catching criminals red-handed? Perhaps the big benefit for you is traffic management? Or does the watchful eye of CCTV at large scale events reassure you? And if you’ve ever collapsed in the street, you might be thankful that someone was looking out for you.

For local authorities, surveillance means all these and more.

But did you know that it can also be a revenue-generator?

Banking on surveillance makes financial sense

Running a local authority has never been easy. There have always been conflicting commitments pulling on finite funds. But let’s not pull any punches; the current economic climate has put many authorities on the ropes.

So we understand if you think that a surveillance system is out of reach of your battered budget.

The 1,800 public sector organisations we’re already working with had similar concerns.

But then they spoke to us. We explained that investing in a modern surveillance system is an opportunity. It’s not just about watching stuff on screens. It can also help you cut costs and generate revenue.

Calderdale’s CCTV pays its way

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council are generating income from their surveillance network. Their Command and Control centre can integrate multiple disparate surveillance systems, so they can service the private sector as well as running their public services.

Controlling over 100 cameras for Pennine Housing (a social housing association) and providing out-of-hours CCTV coverage for The Woolshops Shopping Centre is helping to mitigate the costs of the public system.

Surveillance - what is it good for?

Fighting crime, deterring antisocial behaviour

Local authorities, street wardens, and police forces rely on our real-time surveillance services to fight crime at all levels and to reassure the public.

Whether it’s catching offenders in the act, or scaring them off in the first place, our surveillance tech is invaluable.

Keeping things in perspective

Perspective is another thing that cameras can help with. When you take an emergency call from a member of the public in a flap about a ‘flood’, for example, cameras can help you decide what resource to throw at it. 

Put your safety cameras in the fast lane

Our Safety Camera Connect service saves you time and money by connecting your digital safety cameras directly to your control centre.

No films, no processing, no manual collection - just images and data, transmitted and stored digitally.


Keeping traffic flowing

Traffic jams aren’t just a pain, they’re expensive. Any delay to the supply chain is costly, inconvenient and inefficient, no matter what industry you’re in.

Real-time roadside surveillance helps you spot snarl-ups fast so you can manage traffic flows effectively.

Running public events

We all now rely on video surveillance to keep us safe at large-scale events. 

A well-positioned camera network will give your control room the full picture so they can make the right decisions.


Upgrading to digital HD cameras can have a significant impact on how you monitor areas in the dark, capturing high-quality colour images in low light.

We can also help you piggyback sensors on to your surveillance camera network to monitor all manner of environmental and weather situations.

Products, services and managed solutions


You’ll find cameras for all situations, from have static street cameras to lightweight, wireless mobile cameras. We also have on-vehicle cameras, body-worn cameras and more.


Transmit surveillance data securely on our industry-leading fixed, mobile and wireless networks. Connect your control room, share surveillance, and enable your workforce.

Control rooms

Your Command and Control Centre is the most important element of your entire surveillance network. It’s where your video data is relayed securely to be examined and interpreted.

End-to-end maintenance

We don’t just walk away when we’ve installed your system and shown you how to use it. We’ll manage the system for you, making sure that you’re always getting optimum performance.

Smart cities

Learn how you can improve the lives of your people and your citizens with your existing surveillance network and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Framework agreements

Procurement made easy

Procuring our services is simple and cost effective because we’re part of the Crown Commercial Services framework agreement