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Surveillance command and control centre

Turn your control room into a state-of-the-art nerve centre

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Creating the heart of your surveillance system

Designed, equipped and built to your specifications

Your command and control centre is the most vital part of your surveillance system. It’s where all the data collected by your network is collated, interpreted and stored securely. But designing and maintaining even a basic system is a full-time job in itself. And if something should go wrong, you need to get your network back online – fast.

We can take the hassle out of designing, building and maintaining your surveillance system. With our fully managed, end-to-end service, we’ll provide you with cameras, a transmission network, and a video management system. We’ll also take care of your physical security information management (PSIM), the installation and maintenance. 

Let us take care of everything

We’ll design and plan the layout, erect walls, install screens, and sort out the cabling and networking. We can also provide all the IT equipment, data storage and video management software you’ll need. We’ll even bring the desks and chairs. And before you go live, we’ll show your people how to use everything.

With the right set up, you can:

  • Save money without compromising on quality
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Improve safety in the community

And if you already have a surveillance network with multiple control rooms, we'll consolidate them into a single, secure location.

Cutting-edge video capture

Our networks capture near-broadcast-quality video, which is streamed straight to your command and control centre. And when you have a central digital video management control centre, the benefits are clear:

  • Securely manage and store video evidence
  • Capture SD and HD video at a rate of 25fps
  • Users can retrieve video images quickly and easily
  • Modular units allow you to upgrade component parts when needed
  • Manage live camera feeds coming in to your control room

Useful downloads

Keep on top of surveillance, wherever you are

Stream live CCTV to your iPhone or iPad

Client app for iOS

Watch live CCTV on any Android device

Client app for Android

Be more effective in the field with our Mobile Surveillance portfolio

Watch live CCTV images on your mobile device

The Mobile Surveillance Client app is invaluable for law enforcement operations and field operatives.

Using the app, your operatives can watch feeds from the local CCTV network on their smartphone or tablet.

And when your people can follow suspects in real time, they can apprehend them more quickly and effectively. They can also circumvent lengthy arguments and denials by showing them the incontrovertible proof of their actions in instant playbacks from the command centre.

Please note: the Client App only works in combination with our Mobile Surveillance platform. Please do not download this application if you do not have access to the platform.

Mobile surveillance control centre

Access your mobile surveillance portfolio from anywhere with this clever software. It gives you full control when you’re working in challenging environments in the field - the back of a Transit at an outdoor public event, for instance. It works on most laptops and PCs and integrates with most UK CCTV Command and Control software platforms.

Manage multiple video streams in one window and add multiple streams to the Video Wall. It also lets you configure our Mobile Surveillance cameras and encoders. And it gives you a way to monitor encoder diagnostics, checking things like signal strength, modem status, network uptime and temperature.

Existing public sector customers

If we’re already working with you, please get in touch with your account team or account manager.

We’re happy to talk through the technology solutions we can offer to support your public sector organisation.