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Surveillance cameras

Helping you bring the world into focus

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Powering most of the UK's surveillance camera network

Think of how many surveillance cameras are in use today. Traffic cameras, speed cameras and city centre surveillance cameras. Body cameras on police uniforms. Cameras in vehicles, on vehicles, and checking vehicle number plates. Cameras on trains, on buses, and at stations and airports.

That’s a lot of cameras. And millions of images.

Choose the cameras you need

If you’re establishing a new surveillance network, or refreshing your current equipment, we can provide you with a range of versatile cameras.

  • Ruggedised PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras
  • Fixed cameras
  • Multi-focal sensor cameras providing different viewpoints
  • Livestream body-worn video cameras
  • Rapidly deployable Minicams
  • Apps that turn smartphones into live-streaming cameras

With your choice of support

Choose from a range of competitively priced options for the installation and maintenance of CCTV transmissions, cameras, poles and other associated equipment. 

  • Find an option to suit your requirements and budget
  • Choose a supply-only deal if you just need equipment
  • Select a supply, install and maintenance package if you'd like us to take care of everything
  • Competitive packages including transmission
  • Equipment supplied by major camera manufacturers

Mobile surveillance solutions for your existing network

IP camera encoders

Convert your existing cameras to wireless

Do you currently have an analogue security camera system that's beginning to show its age? Our ingenious IP camera encoders can convert your existing cameras to operate on a wireless network.

Designed to work with leading IP camera brands, our IP camera encoders are wireless streaming devices and network video recorders (NVR). Available with 1, 2, and 4 camera inputs, they can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your network.

Versatile Minicam

Rapid deployment cameras

The Minicam is a small, wireless camera, designed for rapid deployment. It’s ideal when you have a temporary situation to deal with or you need to move fast, for instance festivals, sporting events or fly-tipping offences.

Minicam can be mounted nearly anywhere you need it, and streams securely over wi-fi, 4G, or 3G. It can also record straight to the camera, known as ‘edge’ recording. And with its remote-controlled pan and zoom, you’ll be in total control in no time.

Body-worn cameras

Capture real-time evidence

Body-worn cameras are ideal for anyone working in a risky job or location. If you’re visiting a potentially dangerous or isolated location, you can livestream video back to the Command and Control centre, reassured that people back at base are watching out for you.

UVS Body Worn is designed for mobile, real-time video streaming. It addresses variability in networks and high levels of scene motion, which can render conventional solutions unusable.

Mobile surveillance camera app

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a live streaming video camera

When you need eyes on the ground in a hurry, or you’re in a blind spot that other surveillance cameras can’t reach, the Mobile Surveillance Camera app is ideal.

Install the app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or tablet and turn it into a surveillance camera. You’ll be able to instantly and securely live stream from wherever you are direct to your control room.  It’s ideal for first responders and field-based operatives.

Please note: the Camera app only works in combination with our Mobile Surveillance platform. Please do not download this application if you don’t have access to the platform.

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Bringing flexibility to your fixed surveillance

The rapid re-deployable surveillance camera

Watch surveillance on-the-go

Take your surveillance with you, wherever you go

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