Starting up

Sophie Jewett loves chocolate. And she loves making it, which is why she’s doing her best to resurrect the chocolate industry in York, once England’s chocolate capital (although the good folk of Bournville might argue otherwise …).

She runs a successful business with the cocoa bean at its centre.

Sophie's vision is to shape the chocolate industry into what it used to be: an industry built on quality.

We’re not just selling chocolate, we’re selling happiness

York Cocoa House’s customer base reaches far and wide, with loyal chocolate-lovers all over the globe. She uses social media to connect customers to the café and shop in York. And Sophie connects herself with her customers and her team of 22 through BT Business broadband at her offices and shop, and by jumping onto BT Wi-fi hotspots around the city.

So unwrap a bar of choc and sit back to watch this video.