Starting up

Pins, ribbons, and sewing machines

Kerrie Murray is the founder of Pins and Ribbons, an online retailer selling handmade soft furnishings and accessories. The business sells its UK-made products around the world through its website, and relies on the internet to keep in touch with customers and stockists.

‘As a child I always has a passion for sewing’, said Kerrie. ‘It’s something I’d do with my mum at home. We were always making things’.

Frustrated with mass-produced, poor-quality home accessories, Kerrie – literally - dreamt about setting up her own soft furnishings company.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night and badger my husband, saying I’d had this dream where I had a shop and staff. I had no clear plan, just a lot of ideas.

Watch the video to see how Kerrie’s dream went from the bedroom to reality.