​Network Services Framework (RM1045)

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These contracts, approved by the Crown Commercial Service, offer a quick route to access all the services you need at a competitive price. These are open to public sector organisations including central, local government, the NHS and education. Choose from the leading frameworks for all your needs, including voice and data connections, mobile, unified communications and security.

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Network Services (RM1045)

The Network Services framework means you can buy from a catalogue without the need for a formal tender process. And if you award BT as your agent as a result of your tender; we can order services on your behalf taking the pressure off running and managing medium to large scale procurements.

You can procure services from us on a number of Lots:

Lot 1 - Data access services.

Connectivity services for the public sector, enabling Site-to-Site or Site-to-Cloud and internet connectivity.

Access services

We offer choices in how you connect to a virtual private network linking your sites. There are dedicated circuits over fibre or copper infrastructure or DSL internet access to suit your performance needs and your budget. For remote locations satellite access is available.

Data services

We’ve a full portfolio of data services to offer you based on MPLS and Ethernet and internet protocols. There is support for applications including IP Voice, virtual private networks, e-mail and website services and storage.

All these services are delivered with a high degree of security, including access to centrally hosted service, in the cloud.

Lot 3 - Traditional telephony services.

Enabling your local traditional telephony equipment to be connected to the public phone network.

Get connected.

We can connect to your on-site equipment with ISDN2, ISDN30 and analogue and digital exchange lines or session initiation protocol (SIP) connection over your BT data network.

Packages and services.

Our call packages include voice minutes with a choice of pay as you go and inclusive call minute packages. As well as direct dial in (DDI) ranges and SIP services, we can manage and maintain your legacy equipment estates until end of life before changing to IP based voice services.

Management Information

BT Analyst Converge and BT Call Tracker are available to our PSTN and ISDN customers at no additional charge.

Lot 4 - Inbound telephony services.

Inbound call management services for non-geographic numbers such as 03x, 08x and 09x.

Advanced routing.

Use our non-geographic numbers loaded with advanced call routing functionality via your web-based management tool to give you immediate control over how calls are routed into your contact centre applications. Our analytics and reporting capability allow dynamic data mining to help you identify potential problems before they disrupt your business.

Freedom to price.

Our non-geographic numbers such as 03x, 08x and 09x give you a range of pricing options from free to phone to premium rate services and various price points in between.

Lot 5 - IP telephony solutions.

A choice of end-to-end IP telephony service solutions. These can be enterprise or cloud based. Our solutions provide you with the ability to instant message, collaborate and share – to improve collaboration with colleagues and citizens. You can connect the telephony service on-net and break out to the public phone network.

Cost effective calling.

Our call packages include voice minutes with a choice of pay as you go and inclusive call minute packages. You can also get direct dial in (DDI) ranges and authentication and access management. Users can use IP telephony with in-tariff calling over their data network, or make and take calls from the public telephone network using interconnection gateways.

Additional services.

Make use of built in collaboration tools and applications. Messaging, call recording, easy to use administrative and reporting tools are available. And additional contact-centre functionality and features like speech recognition software, automated call distribution, intelligent contact routing, enhanced queuing and transfer and intelligent voice response solutions.

Lot 6 - Mobile voice and data services.

Mobile voice and data services matched to the needs of your workforce.

A mobile device for every situation.

We can provide your employees with a mobile device and SIM card that meets their needs at a price point that works for you. This includes the latest business devices or ruggedized devices that are suitable for field workers and community workers.

Calling and other mobile applications.

You get calling packages and text messaging. You can combine this with services like mobile data connectivity. You can also have voicemail, e-mail services, data applications and other value added mobile services. And to keep your devices safe and secure, mobile device management lets you administer your mobile devices via your network.

Lot 8 - Video conferencing services.

Video conferencing for a personalised and engaging experience with employees and citizens.

Easy access on any device. Get connected to a video conference on almost any IP device, speed up decision making and build relationships between your employees and citizens. Join your meeting with the most appropriate device such as a smartphone, a desktop running an instant messaging client or web browser, a dedicated video device or even an immersive video system.

We can also provide you with traditional non IP systems or help you get the best from your existing investments. Supporting you.

If you need consultancy and training services to help you get the best out of your video conferencing solutions we’re there to help. That’ll include call recording and playback, software management tools, and quality/usage analysis tools.

Lot 9 - Audio conferencing services.

Audio conferencing delivers cost effective collaboration and helps decision making.

Collaboration made simple.

Audio conferencing provides quick collaboration tools. Calls can be set up in advance or on demand, and you can connect over your corporate LAN, the public internet and over the phone. BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice works alongside and in conjunction with the full range of VoIP, IM and presence solutions including Cisco WebEx® and Microsoft Lync®.

With Dolby you get the sound, feel and productivity of in-person meetings. It’s easy to identify who is speaking. As a result, the conversation flows naturally.

Enhanced experience.

You can include extra tools and devices for an enhanced experience. Call recording, the latest audio conferencing devices, test and analysis tools, transcribing/translation services and security access products are all available.

Additional information on RM1045 can be found on the CCS website.

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