​Network Services framework

The Network Services framework (RM1045) provides access to network and telecommunications services with a choice of two competed tendering options, plus a catalogue for Direct Award orders.

Lot 1 Data access services

Connectivity services, enabling Site-to-Site or Site-to-Cloud interconnectivity.

Lot 3 Traditional telephony services

Phone lines, voice services, and call packages.

Lot 4 Inbound telephony services

Inbound call management services for an established local call centre function.

Lot 5 IP telephony solutions

End-to-end IP telephony services with the ability to connect the telephony service to the public phone network.

Lot 6 Mobile voice and data services

Mobile voice and/or data services.

Lot 8 Video-conferencing services

Video-conferencing services including but not limited to all traditional and IP based conferencing services and the provision of all elements of a complete solution (excluding connectivity).

Lot 9 Audio-conferencing services

Audio-conferencing services, including call recording and quality/usage analysis tools.

It’s easy to order BT services from CCS frameworks

Use Direct Award under the RM1045 framework and avoid the cost and time penalties of going through a formal tender. We keep things simple for you with clear pricing, service levels, and terms and conditions.

Contact the account team for your government sector through the dedicated BT frameworks helpdesk to talk through the details and place your orders.



For information about our framework agreements

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