G-Cloud VIII Contract Frameworks

G Cloud VIII. Helping you to secure the ICT services to transform service delivery.


Across the UK departments, councils, ministries and agencies are boldly re-thinking how they can deliver better, joined-up services at less cost; how they can work more effectively, make more informed decisions, and put the citizen at the centre of integrated public services. In a word, transform.

BT’s unique position in the UK, our unrivalled range of IT and communications services – combined with our track record of expertise and commitment to innovation – enables public sector organisations of all kinds to meet their challenges today, and to innovate for a better tomorrow.

Your choice of frameworks

Our framework contracts approved by the UK Government Crown Commercial Service are a quick route to getting access to all the services you need, and at a competitive price.

We can provide you with these services if you are a public sector organisation including central or local government, NHS and education.

Choose from the leading frameworks for all your needs, including voice and data connections, mobile, unified communications and security.

Why choose us?

  • We have over 20 years’ experience of working with customers on framework contracts.
  • Your BT Account team is available to guide you and have in depth knowledge of your sector.
  • Our specialist frameworks helpdesk and professionals are available to assist you.
  • We offer an excellent range of services from across our portfolio.

G Cloud VIII

The G Cloud framework allows you to buy cloud based services from a catalogue, ‘Digital Marketplace’, with standard service levels and terms and conditions.

There is no need for a formal tender process.

The services are delivered from the cloud and have cloud based pricing so you only pay for what you use.

The G Cloud framework is divided into lots that group services together. Some of the products and services featured of the lot’s BT can provide are outlined below.

Lot 1 – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud options in computing, security, data storage, applications, managed hosting for health, unified communications.

Your own compute power in the cloud

Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure. You can create, deploy, monitor and manage your own cloud service. It’s totally flexible providing virtual machines for as short as hour duration, or as long as you need it. We also have cost efficient storage capability.

It’s been developed with government markets in mind to have the security you need to host classified data and applications.

We also provide private compute and orchestrate options with dedicated IaaS, procured, delivered and managed by BT in a BT data centre. Automatically build virtual infrastructure within minutes on your own private physical infrastructure or BT’s pre-provisioned cloud infrastructure.

You can also have a fully managed, enterprise class, cloud infrastructure using our expertise in cloud infrastructure, network and security.

Mobilise your people

You can secure, monitor, manage and support your organisation provided and employee-owned mobile devices. And with our secure access cloud based SSL VPN service you can give your employees secure remote access and to the BT IP Connect UK Platform.

Mobile applications from leading providers lets public sector staff deliver services in the field with all the information they need to carry out their job, eliminate paperwork, speed up task completion and support essential data capture on a wide range of mobile platforms and devices.

BT Smartcard

VPN Access to NHS National Network is a fast, secure way for healthcare professionals to access NHS applications whilst away from their usual work locations

Lot 3 – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud options in security, contact centres and inbound calling services, mobile working and secure mobile devices, unified communications and conferencing

Stay Secure

Manage your access and identities for cloud-based services and on premise applications, to simplify your security management tasks. Our cloud-based web malware scanning keeps your web transactions with your remote workers and citizens secure.

Monitor your network devices and get alerts for any threat, including intrusion detection and prevention systems. Our cloud based firewalls, and expert security analysts help protect you from internal and external attacks.

Our cloud-based email and web security inspects mail and web traffic and takes action according to your pre-defined configurable preferences. And our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution gives you total control over security policy, authentication models and certificate lifecycle management.

Citizen choice in Customer experience

Offers a choice of Freephone or premium numbers when calling into your contact centre and with advanced routing options you can be sure calls will always be routed to the best qualified contact centre agent.

For workers in the community or based at different locations, personal 0300 non-geographic numbers means that calls can be answered, wherever the user chooses.

With our Cloud based Contact Centre you can fully support citizens with choices such as voice, email, call backs and chat.

Cost effective collaboration

One Cloud Cisco is a scalable, robust, collaboration service that is interconnected to the PSTN. It’s a cloud service hosted at secure BT data centres and managed by BT. You pay for what you use with minimal capital investment.

With BT One Voice SIP trunk UK you get a flexible, resilient, low cost solution that uses the data network to route PSTN traffic with full geographic coverage. The product offers in-built resilience at no extra cost. It works with a wide range IP PBXs from all the major suppliers.


Our conferencing services deliver simple and highly effective way to engage with colleagues or citizens, via your very own personal meeting room, whenever you want. Use it anytime to hold ad hoc or scheduled conferences for small groups of people.

Our Premium Event Conferencing service is a cloud based telephone dial in service for managed audio briefings. Typical for larger gatherings, such as all hands calls, internal announcements, presentations and training.

Our conferencing service integrate with the latest webcasting and streaming capabilities, managed streaming can deliver high impact, rich-media messages including video, audio and presentations to your audience, virtually anywhere.

Lot 4 - Specialist Cloud Services (SCS)

We bring a range of experts that will help you design the services you need to support your people in delivering great service to the citizens you serve.

Shape your IT Services

Our IT Service Support model includes all aspects of service design, transition, operation and management. The service can incorporate third parties, increase capabilities of your existing IT service organisation or can provide a full service support capability.

If you’re looking to support more of your IT services from the cloud we offer a specialist service to support that ambition. We’ll provide practical and pragmatic expertise to ensure your short, medium or long-term IT plan that meets your business objectives.

Specialist Security Advice

For those customers seeking advice on transforming, moving safely to cloud services or enabling agile working, our security advisors can help. We’ll use your knowledge and experience and our extensive practical expertise to define, implement and operate appropriate security policies that keep your networks, websites and information protected.

The catalogue can be seen at the Digital Marketplace on the Crown Commercial Services website.

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