Save your mobile data allowance with BT Business Wi-Fi

Keeping connected at all times can be expensive if you burn through your mobile data allowance. But with our free Wi-fi app, BT broadband customers can access more than 5 million Wi-fi hotspots across the UK.

You can find a hotspot anywhere and everywhere. From conference centres, exhibition venues, law courts, hotels, restaurants, and cafes to airport terminals, train networks, and roadside service stations, you’re never far away from a fast internet connection – and our free app will help you find and connect to the nearest one. 

People now spend 42% of the working week away from their desks. At least 50% of people work flexibly or remotely. As long as colleagues, customers, and suppliers can still get in touch easily, business can continue uninterrupted.

But here’s the thing: with instant communication, customers now demand a much swifter response than in the pre-digital world. For example, 72% of customers expect a response within the hour to a complaint on Twitter.

So being able to connect to the internet from wherever has never been more important.

Use the app to find a hotspot and get on it, safely

It’s very easy to get on wi-fi at one of our hotspots. Your nearest connection is probably closer than you think. The BT Wi-fi app has a handy built-in map to help you find the hotspot closest to you – it even directs you there.

Using the app, you just enter your usual BT ID to log in and off you go. And if you’re a new customer and haven’t had your BT broadband installed yet, you can start using BT Wi-fi as soon you’ve received your order confirmation.

There’s a reason why we ask you to log in using your unique ID: it keeps your internet access secure. BT Wi-fi is much safer than using unsecure wi-fi in hotels and cafes when you’re working on the move. And we can help you enhance your security so you never have to worry about connecting to your work email or information in public.

Download the free app today

So don’t waste any more of your data allowance - download the free BT Wi-fi app today.

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